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Saturday, December 30, 2006



I have had a pretty decent week, so far. While the mileage has varied quite a bit, the meter has been consistently in the mid-$200's This is about 20% below what I normally got for a night on prior Holiday periods (adjusted as necessary for the rate change on January 6th, this year).

Looks like I'll meet my obligations this month by working New Years Eve. I am so close to meeting my goal, just not close enough. Feces occurs [sigh].

The only lull period last night was between 11:00pm and Midnight. Before and after that break we were "Rockin' 'n' Rollin' ".At some points the wait for a cab did pass 30 minutes, but that was not too frequent nor long most of the shift. While we often had no available cabs, the call frequency was varying enough that we had one "clearing" when the next call came in. That makes it easier for me to dispatch. Waaay easier.

The tourists finally started going out for dinner and bar hopping last night. It was the first night this season that the volume of tourist business exceeded the "local" runs. $10 to $15 fares typically hand you a Twenty and "keep the change". For the $5 to $7 fares it was a Ten with the same instructions. Of course there were exceptions. $13 on a $12.80 and $20 on a $6.50. Hate the former. Love the later.

Not one unusual nor obnoxious passenger the entire shift. Now thats rare!
Even the callers were pretty much intelligent. Only had to [click] one call.

A profitable but boring night.



Skylight Of The Territorial Office Building
Iolani Palace Grounds
Playing Chess On Waikiki Beach
S.S. Independence
~No Longer In Service~
S.S. Independence
As Seen From Aloha Tower
Southeast O'ahu
Halona Blowhole
Southeast O'ahu
Halona Cove
Southeast O'ahu
Hanauma Bay Entrance
Southeast O'ahu
Hanauma Bay
State Underwater Park
Southeast O'ahu
Makapu'u Point
Southeast O'ahu
Waimanalo Beach Park

Statue Of A Hula Dancer
At The Base Of Aloha Tower
Submarine U.S.S. Bowfin
Surfboards For Rent
On Waikiki Beach
Surfers At Waikiki
Surfers On The Beach

"Let's all be careful out there!"