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Saturday, May 13, 2006



And the pretty ones seldom do!


Crystal's brother, Cy, is a mixologist/floorhost (bartender/bouncer) at one of the clubs in the "Triangle".

She is very pretty and very sweet. I picked her up at Cy's condo and during the trip we talked about highheeled shoes. She agreed with my observation that "Highheels are meant to be seen, not walked in."

Her dress had a side slit (not shown) which went all the way up to WOW!

Bada Bing's has a new sign over their front entrance. Very well done - IMHO


Phone was transferred to me at 7:15pm (1915 hrs). The owner, Art, advised me that it had been a really slow day and gave me two reservations for the night, thats not much for a Friday, and the status of the 7 cabs (not including me) on duty.

Then the phone started to ring.

I think every driver ended up with at least one OGG run and a handful of dinner runs. By 9:00pm, the three dayshift cabs had gone home. We stayed busy, but not rushed, until 11:00pm and then just sat around waiting for "bar close", which was a tremendous fizzle.

Just before 2:00am, I picked up a 4-pax headed for Denny's. They were the same people that had been in the cab when we observed that pickup truck crash at the intersection of south Kihei road and Alanui Ke Ali'i, taking out the traffic light pole, back on the 11th of April. The woman (note: I did not say "Lady") who was in the front seat that night was there again tonight. All she could do was bitch about me and my camera and how she wished they had found another cab to ride in. I gave her the option of getting out but the others talked her out of it. She never shut up during the short 5 minute trip. The two of us mixed about as well as oil and water. I told the gentleman who paid me that I would not be back to get them if she was going to be a passenger. I was serious. He laughed. About 2:45am he called and wanted me to take them home. I told him "NO".

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, sir. I have the legal right to refuse service to anyone and I do not see any sense in subjecting myself to her verbal abuse."

"I can understand that." He chuckled.

I guess they walked the one mile home. I don't really care.

There was only one call during the graveyard hours. A "regular" who had spent the morning visiting with a young female tourist, in her condo, until 4:30am. He was exhausted.

The two early drivers were in by 4:45am and I was gone by 5:00am.


Snagged this shot on the way home:

Then I decided that there was enough light to make a short, 2 minute, video.

The sound is ambient.




"Let's all be careful out there!"