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Saturday, May 12, 2007



Can you believe this?

There is no delay in crude oil shipments. All major refineries are on line. No pending damage from weather. So why this?

This is Genevieve. She started back last night. This is her 3rd or 4th time around. She usually stays for a couple of months and then disappears.

Biking is very popular on Mau'i. Some hotels, such as the Maui Coast (above) offer the free use of their fleet of bikes to registered guests. Just have to sign a liability "release and waiver". All of our major roadways have designated bike lanes. Some are safer than others. Most bike shops have maps, available for purchase, of all designated bike lanes and public access trails.

Multiple companies offer a "Ride Down The Mountain", usually twice a day. The first trip lets you watch the sunrise, atop Mt. Haleakala. The second trip begins at a more reasonable hour of the day. Haleakala is 10,023' (3 km) in elevation. The distance from the summit to the beach in Pa'ia is about 38 miles (61 km) and you only actually pedal a non-contiguous 400 yards/meters on the ride. You should see the custom-made brakes (pads replaced every day) on these bikes and their super heavy-duty frames. We do tend to lose about one idiot a year from this tourist activity. Those "Here! Hold my beer and watch this." yahoos. If you follow the tour rules, it is probably one of the safest activities on the island.

Some companies offer tours of the mountain trails.

True enthusiasts will ship their bikes, from the mainland, as part of their airline luggage.

Hope this answered you question.

A really unremarkable shift. I did lose $25.40 though. Made a pick up from "Micky-D's" with just an unknown destination - "NORTH". The guy kept talking and finally said that he lived real close to the ABC Store.

Thats strange. There is no commercial activity in the north area of south Kihei Road, except condos.
A new ABC Store opened its doors for business on Friday, where Suda's Store (a local iconic landmark) used to be.

I was so positive that there wasn't any store at that location that, during our meanderings, had accepted a bet of "double or nothing" on the meter. The store is there and I covered his fare.

Expensive way to learning something new.

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