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Sunday, July 29, 2007



The rising and setting full moon were beautiful last night but it was just an average night, taxi-wise.

Never left town and none of my fares exceeded $22. When I checked in there were no pending reservations, so everything was strictly "on request" or "flag".

My 3rd ride was this wonderful foursome. The second night I had them as passengers. Colm, Claire, Peter and Sarah are from Dublin, Ireland. Enjoying their summer holiday (vacation to us Yanks). Sadly they'll depart over my days off. Took them to Sansei and brought them back to their condo, my 9th fare, at 1a. Now, belying my early statement, these sons and daughters of Eire tipped me very handsomely. They were lots of fun. I wish all fares were like them.

Bar close was a bitch. Hardin was on the west-side, doing a return. TMR was on an extended run way out towards La Perouse Bay. That left just me. "Triangle" security had closed all but one access point to the property. That opening didn't allow access to the north-end where Tiki, Kahale's, Dog & Duck and Ambrosia are. Had a bigger than normal riot outside of Bada Bings at pushout. That when the phone went crazy. People calling, demanding a cab instantly because the police were making them leave. I had over 30 minutes of requests already pending. That wasn't satisfactory, they want their cab NOW!

7 calls like this in a span of 5 minutes told me that I wasn't going anywhere near the "Triangle" for a long time. If they're that belligerent, I don't want nor need them with me.

If you ever need to find a cop in Kihei around midnight, just drop by the Azeka-Mauka parking lot, in front of Panda Express.

The SUV on the left is the Sarge's. The 5 Crown Vics are our 5 beat units.
As one old timer told me, never congregate in groups. One hand grenade could take out the whole shift.

Made sense then. These guys don't work in an area where you are always a target.

Speaking of the Police. MPD has initiated a new tactic, for them, in speed enforcement.

Had one "genius" phone call on the dog-watch.
Smarter than my average "Kihei" responder when asked where he was at. Sadly, just one "baby step" smarter. This one knew what street he was on, just couldn't seem to grasp the concept that I needed a house number to wed to that street name. Finally figured out that he was at "3584". Alas, that street only has 3-digit numbering, not 4.

13 fares / 112 miles / 3rd quarter $100 bracket
If any of the above doesn't make any sense. I am exhausted and will re-read and edit later.


If you live left of the "Dateline", I regret to inform you that it is Monday.

Those on the right side, enjoy your Sunday.




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"Let's all be careful out there!"