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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Joel Backman is a casual driver with Royal Cab. It is a unique prospecting tool for him. During certain times of the year, he is placed in intimate contact with people who have money and would probably like to live on Mau'i.

He has finally opened his own real estate office and has established a beautiful website. In the opening "slide show", you might recognize the "sunset" photo. Its the one I took at the Makena Surf back in March, this year.

Click on his business card to get contact details, should this be of interest to you. I have added his website to my "Mau'i Links" dropdown on the sidebar. ->->->->->->->


"Let's all be careful out there!"



I have been pushing myself a little too hard, of late, and it caught up with me yesterday. Too many long hours, too much coffee, tea and cola. Way too many cigarettes.

I am pretty sure that my alarm went off at 5pm but I never heard it. I keep it across the bedroom so that I HAVE to get out of bed to shut it off. It will "beep" for one hour. I was dead to the world. Became aware of my surroundings about 2:30am Saturday. Lost a whole shift. Did have some surreal but enjoyable dreams.

CAB #7

Cab #7 is a dream to drive. A luxury vehicle with just about every "bell and whistle" imaginable.

The dashboard is a hybrid analog/digital that is easily readable. All the features appear when you first start the engine and then settle into operational mode.

You can even switch from "English" readout to metric readout, at the push of a button.

It has an older style meter, which uses a different sequence of button pushing to operate.


Here are the images, in random order. Basically just a "raw" file dump.


Foodland, a statewide supermarket chain, is hiring. In case anyone is interested.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

4 Sacramento California United States
4 Palmetto Florida United States
3 Portland Oregon United States
3 Derby England United Kingdom
3 Cincinnati Ohio United States
2 Corvallis Oregon United States
2 Clinton Tennessee United States
2 Sunnyvale California United States
2 Poland Maine United States
2 Chicago Illinois United States
2 Baltimore Maryland United States
2 Reston Virginia United States
2 The Hague Zuid-holland Netherlands
2 New York New York United States
2 Snellville Georgia United States
2 Live Oak Florida United States
2 Saratoga Springs New York United States
1 Seattle Washington United States
1 St. John's Newfoundland And Labrador Canada
1 Victoria British Columbia Canada
1 Kihei Hawaii United States
1 Rochester Minnesota United States
1 Melbourne Florida United States
1 Leesburg Virginia United States
1 Andover New Jersey United States
1 Meriden Connecticut United States
1 Plano Texas United States
1 Los Angeles California United States
1 Bellingham Washington United States
1 London England United Kingdom
1 Laguna Niguel California United States
1 Lewiston Maine United States
1 Santa Monica California United States
1 Tampa Florida United States
1 Novato California United States
1 Rocky Mount North Carolina United States
1 Aurora Colorado United States
1 Edinburgh Scotland United Kingdom
1 Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania United States
1 Stuttgart Baden-wurttemberg Germany
1 Washington District Of Columbia United States
1 Toccoa Georgia United States
1 Tempe Arizona United States
1 Simi Valley California United States
1 Towanda Pennsylvania United States
1 Baldwin New York United States
1 Falls Church Virginia United States
1 Moorestown New Jersey United States
1 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
1 Bronx New York United States
1 Kahului Hawaii United States
1 Zephyrhills Florida United States
1 Tuscaloosa Alabama United States
1 Santa Clara California United States
1 San Francisco California United States
1 Ithaca New York United States
1 Ipswich England United Kingdom


"Let's all be careful out there!"