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Friday, October 12, 2007



As I predicted, our "group" went out and did "things" yesterday. Then a portion went on a sunset dinner cruise in the early evening. Thats when I came in. 9 cabs on, 7 of them in Ma'alaea collecting those who went on the cruise. That left me in Wailea and #17 (Maui Jim) in town. We both stayed active until the others cleared about 8p. Some went home. By 9:30p we were down to the night crew. The group's organization threw a late luau at the resort and about midnight we started moving the "die-hards" I mentioned yesterday to the "Triangle". Maybe 6 or 7 loads. Tonight they are having party at the resort and most probably will stay there. It might be an "open" bar.

Even my dog-watch stayed active with 5 trips.

I picked up some people from Mulligan's towards bar-close. Took them back to their resort. The lady riding shotgun was totally wasted but when we arrived, $9.80, she gave me $40 and "Thats all yours." Especially when dealing with "resort people", you have to be very cautious about taking advantage of their guests. When I saw how much she had given me, I asked if she understood how much over the meter that was. One of her associates in the back seat realized what was happening and, thankfully, joined in the discussion. It ended up with me getting $20 on the fare. I was more comfortable with that. Taking advantage of drunks is something I can't/won't do. I think most of the cab-links on the sidebar understand what I am saying and we all know that the vast majority of cabbies don't.

Tonight will be my last scheduled Friday night dispatch shift. Starting Monday night we will use a rotation list of all night drivers and those day drivers that like to hold over late. The list will start alphabetically, by first name, and the person at the top of the list will be the night dispatcher and must stay on until 2a. If your name is at the top and its your day off or you are out sick then the next person will handle the duty and, when you return, you will still be at the top until you cover a shift. Those day holdovers are going to start pulling their own weight. I think 8p is going to be the go-home time or you get the phone at 9p.

"Crazy" Brian came back from his vacation yesterday, and quit. At least thats what the "taxi telegraph" was broadcasting last night. Its a rumor until confirmed.

I heard that a "new" driver has been hired to cover graves the 2 nights I am off. Sadly, this is someone I know who has worked for us a couple of times. Longevity is not his forte. Among other things.

22 fares / 139 miles / 4th quarter $200 bracket

Time for my dinner and then off to bed

Have a great weekend!




Kamaole Beach

"Let's all be careful out there!"