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Thursday, June 01, 2006




La Bella Cab, in Wailuku & Kahului has added 5 identical new Scions to their fleet. I spoke to this driver, Tony, and he is impressed with their MPG/KPL (fuel economy). I just wonder how they'll endure. First year models of any vehicle usually have undiscovered problems and growing pains. Usually its the third year before the bugs are generally worked out. I like their paint scheme.


Started my shift a bit late, last night. I was having a "senior" moment. Actually, a series of them. I kept getting out to my car and then remembering something I had forgot in the house. Did this three times. Geez!

It was a pretty mundane shift. By 9:00pm there was just Kimo (BTW - thats Hawai'ian for JIM), TMR Alex and me.

Just before 12 midnight I was dispatched to the TIKI, in the "Triangle". Picked up a nice young man who wanted to go to the harbor in Kahului.

"Where to in the harbor, sir?"

"The ship."

Thats strange. The Pride of America is in harbor every Monday night and the Pride of Aloha is there over Friday night.
"And what ship would that be, son?"

"The Pride of Hawaii."

"When did it start coming here?"

"This is its maiden visit. We just sailed over from California and she'll be placed in regular service, in the islands, next week. I don't know, yet, what day of the week will be our regular port-of-call here. My friends still wanted to party but I have to work in the morning."

"What do you do?"

"I'm a waiter in a french bistro."

"Kewl. How does she compare to her sisters?"

"She's the biggest. 2600 passengers. The America carries 2200 and the Aloha can accomadate 1900."

Ladies and gentlmen, the Pride of Hawaii.

Okay, YOU try taking a pic of something this big, in the dark.

I had just returned to the "Triangle" when a guy in his early 60's opened the door and got in. Wailuku was the destination. Two, count 'em, two $40+ runs in a row. That definately improved my night.

After 2:30am, it was just me out there. As usual.

Did my grocery shopping and went home. Compiled the reservations for Thursday.
  • 4:30am regular in-town "pu-pu"

  • 4:45am Grand to OGG

  • 5:00am regular from north-central Kihei to the Grand

  • 5:45am 7-pax Grand to Ma'alaea harbor

Going to be a busy morning.

Just as I am leaving for the 4:30, I get a call. MOF had a guest who wanted to make a roundtrip to Denny's. I told her that I could only accommodate a "one way", since I had conflicting reservations. A lot of cross talking occurred with her as the intermediary. Made the pickup and this big city mahu wouldn't stop saying "I am in Siberia. Fucking Siberia." He wanted me to call him another cab and was stunned when I told him there wasn't anyone else to call until 6:00am. "OH, GOD! THIS REALLY IS FUCKING SIBERIA!"

Dropped him and headed north for the 4:30. Just as I am pulling up, the phone rings again. Drunk Don, one of the early drivers, calling off for the day. The first time this month (well, its only June 1st) but the 20th time in the past 30 days.

Picked up the 4:30 at 4:20 and easily made the 4:45 from the Grand. Flor, my other dayshift relief, was able to cover the 5:00 and 5:45. Good end to my shift and a good start for his.


"Let's all be careful out there!"