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Saturday, December 29, 2007



Until midnight, we just weren't that busy. After 5 hours, I only had 4 fares for a total of $90. One of those was a truncated OGG from far north Kihei. And an average of $22.50 per trip isn't shabby, there just wasn't enough of them. I was so depressed that I wanted to park in a garage and leave the motor running. Luckily, there are very few garages on Mau'i. Almost everybody has car-ports. Those that do have garages probably never parked their car in it. If it hasn't been converted to a bedroom, its being used for storage. Lots of storage.

Then the "witching hour" occurred and we started moving. 6 runs between then and 2:00 AM and 4 more during my solo dog-watch period. I was happy that my relief checked in at 4:00 AM.

My OGG was two ladies from Alberta, Canada. Picked them up from a going away party thrown in their honor. I think they fit the mold for the term "Bimbettes". Very blond, 30-ish. Totally self centered. Each trying to outdo the other in their expression of emotion about leaving. Each overriding the other in conversation. Literally both talking at once and neither one listening to the other. Then they started in on their feelings about the people they had been staying with. I think there was a tenuous relationship between one of them and their hosts. Possibly even between each of them, too. They sounded like sisters in their beratements. I was so glad that the ride was a relatively short one.

On Thursday night a lady left her purse in the cab. The next fare handed it to me and, since she had been the only female for a couple of hours, I returned it ti the front desk at their condo. Last night I picked up her and her companions again. I asked if her purse had been returned to her.
"Did I lose it again?"
It was hanging from her shoulder and she was beyond intoxicated. Since she was an Asian/Polynesian mix, I presumed that she, maybe, had consumed 4 beers. That enzyme "thang". Didn't get a reward for my honesty or even a thanks. I know it had her ID in it and she would not have been able to return back to her home on O'ahu without it.

This morning I received a call from a guy in north Kihei who wanted me to pick up one of his girlfriends, a cocktail waitress in the "Triangle", from FoodLand and bring her to his place. An attractive girl from the mainland, she had obviously had a few "Pau Hanas" after work. Quite a few. We get to his place and he walks out to pay me, wrapped only in a bath towel. She squealed in glee,
"Oh, we're going to get naked!"
Its nice to see people happy.

14 fares / 157 miles / 2nd quarter $200 bracket




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