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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Cheffe said...

OK these are a lot of restaurants - but I was especially fascinated by the "Birkenstock" shop next to the Italian restaurant.

Oh and congratulations to the Chinese visitor. I tried to visit your blog via the "normal" Chinese internet but sadly all blogs on are blocked in China.

I think he may have accessed via my ROADRUNNER homepage, which "mirrors" blogspot. Since the URL is just a homepage it might not be restricted. Next time you are in China, check it out and let me know.


"Let's all be careful out there!"



May, thru the middle of June, is a very slow time here.

On the mainland, students are preparing for high school & college finals. Graduating seniors are eagerly planning their proms, class trips and anticipating their moment to walk to the dais and receive their parchment, amid strains of "Pomp and Circumstance". We've all been there. It is a rite of passage that is important in our society.

All that frentic activity means that the tourist count on Mau'i is typically very low. Most of the activity businesses on the island are offering deeply discounted rates, and the airfares are way low.

This all changes around the middle of June, when our summer tourist season begins.

The tourism business is one of ebb and flow.


The first 2-1/2 hours were very active. No airport runs but a lot of people going to and from dinner. Most runs were in the $15 range and it was a constant repetition of "Here's $20, keep the change."

After 9:30pm it died. 2 hours and one run later, I decided to go home for awhile. I'd rather be bored there than sitting around watching drunks at the "Triangle".

Came back out at 1:15am and nailed three good runs at bar close.

Thought the graveyard shift was going to be dead but the phone started ringing at 3:00am and I added six more runs before 5:00am.

One was the typical drunk, who is maintaining but is on that edge where he is trying to create a situation for an argument. His complaints were: where he could "find some pussy", buy some beer and why didn't I carry a couple of cases of booze and/or beer in the trunk to sell to thirsty passengers after bar close? I got him back to the Kea Lani and out of my hair in an eyeblink. Nothing unusual about him but his was the most notable ride of the shift.


I've told the story about the guy who took the shot at me inside the cab. Well, I bought that car for my personnal use and here is a pic of where the bullet exitted the car. I'd call that a "near miss".


I love the paint job on this Cadillac Escalante. It is called "White Diamond" and that is exactly what it looks like. The color is a factory option and the car looks like it is covered in diamond dust. Very beautiful!



"Let's all be careful out there!"