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Wednesday, September 26, 2007



"Queen" Nora
Daddy, Pete the "Prince"
Mommy, Princess Leah
Nora is now 6 months old. Isn't she just a doll? I should get to see her in January. I can hardly wait!
The Swarty Family

An hour and 40 minutes into the shift I get my first run. A pu-pu resort-to-resort. $5.60. 1 minute later the next cab up gets an OGG. If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. I have become philosophical about Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I know I am not going to make any money on them for a few more months, Halloween night excluded, so why get my jaws torqued over the whole issue.

The day cabs were history by 8:30p, leaving just the 5 scheduled night crew. Which was still 2 more than we really needed. During the shift Tina (#5) had an OGG, as did Kimo (#22). Both "Crazy" Brian (#11) and TMR (#27) got trips to Ka'anapali, on the "West Side". I just gathered up what few pu-pus I could, as they came my way.

Only had one fare on graves, but it made my night. A request from the Four Seasons to pick up a guest from MMMC (Maui Memorial Medical Center a/k/a/ "hospital") at the emergency room. A nice young couple on their honeymoon. From Michigan, they had been married this past Saturday and he started passing a kidney stone a short while later. Arrived here yesterday and the stone started moving again last night. He was higher than a kite on the pain killers he had received. I was jealous. I laughed when they told me their story at the beginning of the trip and told them that this would make for some interesting tales to be told to their eventual children and grand-children. And it would also make for some interesting party conversation when they returned home.

They laughed and said they had had the same conversation. He was in too much discomfort for me to bother about a pic. But they were both cute

I also gave them my short list of important things to do while here:
  1. Trip to Hana
  2. Dive Molokini
  3. Bike down the mountain
  4. Front Street, Lahaina
She asked about "Argentinian" restaurants. Thats one we don't have or at least I have never heard of one.

7 fares / 82 miles / 1st quarter $100 bracket

Don't think your "Rights", specifically freedom of travel, are being eroded? Read this.
Thanks to "PISSEDOFF CABBIE" for an interesting post.

Maybe tomorrow will hold a pleasant surprise. I hope so. Everybody have a fantastic day. See ya tomorrow.




Hana Area

"Let's all be careful out there!"