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Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Most, but not all of the hotels are sold out this week. The Mau'i Oceanfront Inn (aka: MOF) apparently isn't.


That a really good price. And the hidden secret is that it sits on the best beach on Mau'i (in my opinion) and shares it's driveway with the best (again, my opinion) restaurant, Sarento's On The Beach.


Brad and Amanda are from Dallas, TX, USA. They tied the knot this past Saturday, the 10th. Both are avid Maverick fans (for the rest of the world, the Mavericks are the National Basketball Association [NBA] team in Dallas) and didn't know about their 98-96 loss to the Miami (FL, USA) Heat. I didn't tell them. I didn't want to spoil their wonderful evening.

Oh, thats a Maverick's shirt that she is wearing.


Another slow one. At 2:00am I only had 6 runs. Luckily one was from The Grand to OGG. No calls at all during my solo hours. Though I did handle my regular 4:30am in-town pu-pu run. Got back to The Grand about 4:40am and as I pulled up, Ray, the graveyard room service waiter was waiting for me with a cart full of food and drinks.

Hmmmm. No reservation that I have knowledge of.

What gives?

He wanted to know if I was there for the ????'s party.
"How many people?"

I saw my relief, Flor, with his 7-passenger van pulling in the driveway.

"I guess I am. Where are they going?"

"The harbor."


"No. Ma'alaea. They're going fishing."

And that is how the shift ended, with a nice run, making a total of 8 for the night. Definately slow, but serendipity made the dollar$ equal to most of the nights last week.


DS (dumbshit) Alex (not to be confused with TMR [The Mad Russian] Alex) claims that this damage was done by a collision with a deer, while he was enroute out to the Prince the other night.

What do you think?

Naw. Me neither.


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