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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


He was the model for the movie "Wargames" and now he is missing in Hawai'i.

The District Attorney of Boulder County CO sent a letter today to John Ramsey, the father of murder victim JonBenet Ramsey, apologizing and exonerating the family. New DNA evidence removed all doubt. JonBenet's mother, Patsy, died two years ago of cancer. This is one of the most botched murder investigations I have ever followed.

My readers in the medical field should get a kick out of these.

I guess you could say this guy lost his shirt. What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Okay, ladies, I defer to your judgement on this one. How does a woman go around with a bat in her bra without knowing it is there?

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Today is Wednesday, July 9, the 191st day of 2008. There are 175 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

  • On July 9, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to Gen. George Washington's troops in New York.

On this date:

  • In 1540, England's King Henry VIII had his 6-month-old marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, annulled.
  • In 1816, Argentina declared independence from Spain.
  • In 1850, the 12th president of the United States, Zachary Taylor, died after serving only 16 months of his term.
  • In 1896, William Jennings Bryan delivered his famous "cross of gold" speech at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
  • In 1918, 101 people were killed in a train collision in Nashville, Tenn.
  • In 1918, the Distinguished Service Cross was established by an Act of Congress.
  • In 1938, Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo died in Port Chester, N.Y., at age 68.
  • In 1944, during World War II, American forces secured Saipan as the last Japanese defenses fell.
  • In 1947, the engagement of Britain's Princess Elizabeth to Lt. Philip Mountbatten was announced.
  • In 1982, a Pan Am Boeing 727 crashed in Kenner, La., killing all 145 people aboard and eight people on the ground.
Ten years ago:
  • Former high school sweethearts Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson were sentenced in Wilmington, Del., to prison for killing their newborn son at a motel. Grossberg received 2 1/2 years; Peterson, who'd cooperated with prosecutors, received two years. (Grossberg ended up serving nearly two years; Peterson, 1 1/2 years.)

Five years ago:

  • President Bush, continuing his Africa tour, defended his use of prewar intelligence on Iraq, saying he was "absolutely confident" in his actions despite the discovery that one claim he'd made about Saddam Hussein's weapons pursuits was based on false information.
One year ago:
  • President Bush directed former aides to defy congressional subpoenas, claiming executive privilege in resisting Congress' investigation into the firings of U.S. attorneys.
  • Sen. David Vitter, R-La., whose telephone number was disclosed by the so-called "D.C. Madam" accused of running a prostitution ring, said in a statement he was sorry for a "serious sin" and that he had already made peace with his wife.
  • A London jury convicted four Muslim militants of plotting to bomb London's public transport system.
  • Character actor Charles Lane died in Santa Monica, Calif., at age 102.
Today's Birthdays:
  • Actor-singer Ed Ames is 81.
  • Actor James Hampton is 72.
  • Actor Brian Dennehy is 70.
  • Actor Richard Roundtree is 66.
  • Author Dean Koontz is 63.
  • Football Hall-of-Famer O.J. Simpson is 61.
  • Actor Chris Cooper is 57.
  • TV personality John Tesh is 56.
  • Country singer David Ball is 55.
  • Rhythm-and-blues singer Debbie Sledge (Sister Sledge) is 54.
  • Actor Jimmy Smits is 53.
  • Actress Lisa Banes is 53.
  • Actor Tom Hanks is 52.
  • Singer Marc Almond is 51.
  • Actress Kelly McGillis is 51.
  • Rock singer Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) is 49.
  • Actress-rock singer Courtney Love is 44.
  • Rock musician Frank Bello (Anthrax) is 43.
  • Actor David O'Hara is 43.
  • Rock musician Xavier Muriel (Buckcherry) is 40.
  • Actor Scott Grimes is 37.
  • Actor Enrique Murciano is 35.
  • Rock musician Dan Estrin (Hoobastank) is 32.
  • Actor-director Fred Savage is 32.
  • Country musician Pat Allingham is 30.
  • Actress Megan Parlen is 28.
  • Rhythm-and-blues singer Kiely Williams (3lw) is 22.
  • Actress Georgie Henley ("The Chronicles of Narnia" films) is 13.
Thought for Today:
"There are two kinds of people in one's life — people whom one keeps waiting — and the people for whom one waits."
S.N. Behrman, American author and dramatist (1893-1973).

"Let's all be careful out there!"


"Let's all be careful out there!"



Toyota is coming out with a new version of their Prius hybrid automobile. This one will include solar panels. Just like the "rovers" on Mars.

From statements out of the mid-east yesterday, its becoming very obvious that Iraq wants us out. But Washington says that isn't what Baghdad is saying. Are we being handed our hat or not?

Beginning in 2010, equality of the sexes will arrive in the crash tests performed on vehicles and trucks by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But not totally. "She" won't get to drive.

WOW! You learn something new everyday. In his vast knowledge of 'stuff" it turns out that Cheney is an expert in Earth science. Which is obviously why he felt qualified to edit an EPA report on Global Warming.

Bush tours America to survey the damage caused by his disastrous Presidency:

India-Pakistan Standoff Enters 11,680th Day:

Appreciate you stopping by. Hope to see you again soon.

"Let's all be careful out there!"