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Thursday, November 02, 2006



Gas prices continue to fall. Only 5 days until the general election. I did notice that the prices in Lahaina on Tuesday night were one penny cheaper on all grades than what is shown here.

It'll be interesting to see what happens after November 7th

Can't argue with this take on life.

This is Robin, the night bartender at Mulligan's. A native of Ireland, he has the greatest irish accent. He is a regular on my solo hours.
Whaler's General Store,
The Shops At Wailea

Elan Vitale,
The Shops At Wailea

Hawai'i law requires that all vehicles imported into the State must obtain and display Hawai'i license plates within 10 days. These two vehicles have been here for a lot longer than that. Guess they didn't get the memo.

Typical yard in the north end of Kihei.
So you want to go drink but what do you do with your dog? Just put a long tether on it and it can sleep under the truck in the rain.

I made more runs, and money, after everyone else went home. 5 runs between 7p and 2a. 6 runs from 2a to 5:30a. Just broke $100 on the meter.

As is typical with the night following a big party night, we were everyone was devoid of business. Only had my first run at 9p and that was a walkup at the "Triangle". Captured three more that hour and then it really died. Had one at bar close. All night long we have had a steady drizzle. Just enough that you only needed the slowest delay speed on the wipers. I figure that most people partied late last night, went to work with a hangover this morning and then the rain ruined whatever plans they had for the evening. An early bedtime probably felt great. The rain makes for good sleeping weather.

It is still raining (6:30a) and I hope it continues all day. I could use a good sleep.

This is a shot that I had misfiled from that group I posted earlier.
That the Menehune Shores on the left and the Maui Lu on the right.

Had the first whale sighting off McGregor Point.
Whale watching season usually starts on December 15th

"Let's all be careful out there!"