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Sunday, December 16, 2007



At that moment, I knew I had a problem. Alicia is a very attractive 27 year old who was very tipsy. She is related to someone at Life's A Beach (a/k/a/ LAB) and she was escorted from there by the bouncer to me about 10:20PM. Headed to her place in the far north, Hale Pi'ilani subdivision. We had a pleasant chit-chat about yatta and when we arrived I turned and said:
"That'll be $17."
"Wheres the $20 I gave you?"
"You didn't give me any money."
"Yes I did."
We went back and forth a couple of times and then I changed tack.
"This is getting us nowhere. You are refusing to pay the fare and that is theft. I"ll just call the cops and we'll let them sort it out. And I will press charges. Just ask around. I am a hard-ass son of a bitch."
Pulled out my cell to make the call and she asked if I accepted plastic.

Issue resolved. Scam artist database updated.

That was the worst of the night. The best was a surprise trip from Wailea to Ka'anapali at 3:25 AM. Nice way to end my shift and start my weekend.

A night of steady business without being overwhelmed and all 5 of us stayed active and it rolled right on through the dog-watch. Probably my best night since Halloween.

I am bushed. Bone tired.

15 fares / 180 miles / 4th quarter $200 bracket

See everyone tomorrow.





"Let's all be careful out there!"