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Sunday, December 02, 2007



The best part of the night was when Mary showed up at 4a to relieve me.

It was the second best night of the week and I never left town. The most memorable ride was a group of 16 from the Four Seasons to Sansei. A happy group from Sydney. They loved my beard and "Santa" hat. Amazingly, I could understand every single word each of them said. No offense meant to anybody but I often have trouble understanding the Australian version of English. They are part of some group, I forgot to ask which one, and their conversation was global in nature. Obviously, all well traveled

A few hours later, I made the return with the same four people. Pleasantly "tipsy", they had stayed and sang Karaoke (Kah-Rah-O-Kay). Eventually we all started singing "The Gambler". I should have turned my camera on, to video, and at least recorded the audio. Damn! See what turning 60 is doing to my brain!

The normal mixture of residents and tourists.

Took a couple, out of Chicago, from our theater to the Best Western Motel. They hadn't heard about the storm. The lady, when she found out, turned to her husband, proclaiming:
"Honey, sounds like we came here at just the right time."
Amen to that.

11 fares / 98 miles / 3rd quarter $100 bracket

As I type this I am eating some home-made guacamole. I was presented with a gigantic avacado earlier this week. Home-grown and freshly picked, it was still hard as a rock. So I wouldn't forget about it, I placed it next to the PC. Every morning I have been giving it a squeeze and today it was perfect. Scooped it out, added some salsa and have been enoying every bite.

Having dinner with Ron & Susan tonight. I LOVE home cooking! Taking a bottle of wine from a local winery. A "blush".

Everybody have a great day!




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