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Saturday, September 22, 2007



Added the Northern Mariana Islands to my list of visitors. Saipan, to be exact. That puts me about 1/2 way up the total number of countries that exist on the face of this beautiful blue marble we call Earth.

Business is still slow and the day drivers continue holding over, further diluting the pool of fares. Its obvious that the owner isn't going to do anything about this issue, so us night drivers are going to have to cinch our belts a bit tighter and live with it. Ain't life a bitch?

I logged in as the ninth working cab last night and it took over 90 minutes before I put some $$ on the meter. Just 4 fares between 7p and midnight. 3 more from midnight to 2a, including one from FoodLand to the harbor. Dog-watch added 3 more.

The final run was two 15/16 year old girls. They had snuck out to play with the boys, as girls that age like to do. Picked them up just before 4:30a, near the Kukui Mall and took them near their home in upper Maui Meadows. As requested, I dropped them a couple of driveways prior to their destination. They needed stealth to sneak back into the house. Surprisingly, they were sober. One said that there is a certain thrill to doing this. They know the consequences if they get caught but that just makes it more alluring.

Any of you do this at that age?

My relief, Wally (#05), was in a bit early and when I met him to turn everything over and head for home, he told me that he was only staying until the next driver showed up. He was under the weather. He looked bad and probably felt worse. I told him to go home and I would hang in until "Murph" showed up to take over ONE-NINE. No sense him killing a hour feeling like shit for no purpose and it was no skin off my nose.

11 fares / 103 miles / 3rd quarter $100 bracket

Our new night driver, Terry (#07), does his first time stint at dispatching tonight. I don't think he can find his ass with both hands, so it should be interesting. I've noticed as the night wears on that his voice fades considerably. We'll break him of that.

I start doing Sunday night dispatch again tomorrow from 6p-2a out of my place. The extra money will be nice. I'll be able to put a lay-away payment down on a new pack of chewing gum.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and stop back by when you get the chance.




Napili Area

"Let's all be careful out there!"