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Sunday, January 28, 2007



Picked this couple up about 3:30am. She had imbibed enough to become frisky. Constantly flirting and seeing just how far she could push me to get me flustered.

I don't get flustered, ever.

Her companion obviously did though.

*** *** ***
The fire on Haleakala continues to burn. Probably over 1,000 acres by now. They are only fighting it during the daylight hours, since the MFD feels it is too dangerous to run operations after dark. They need to bring in some CDF (California Division of Forestry) consultants. When they have those huge fires in California every year, CDF runs their operations 24/7, regardless of the terrain. I doubt if there is any fire agency, anywhere, more qualified to fight this type of conflagration.

*** *** ***
The price of gasoline has dropped again this week by two whole cents. I read this week that Saudi Arabia wants to stabilize crude oil prices at $50 a barrel. They feel that when prices are above that, the world economy suffers too much and that they actually end up selling less oil on the world market. I can remember when crude was $10 a barrel and even when it was $5 a barrel.

*** *** ***
Dollar-wise, the saving grace for last night was a 5:00am OGG run.

We are having an unusual situation with the driver who dispatches on Saturday nights. On any given night, one driver will be "top dog" and over the long term it pretty much evens out between all of us. It is strange that this one driver always seems to get every "cherry" run when he has the phone. I don't mean occasionally, but EVERY single Saturday night. The law of averages preclude this from happening, yet the pattern continues every week. Those of us who work nights are reaching the end of the line with him and as they say, "Payback is a bitch".

I had 8 fares between 7:00pm and 2:00am and 5 more from 2:00am to 5:00am.

*** *** ***
Whatever it is that I have been fighting this past three weeks is slowing beginning to spread. A half dozen, or so, hotel employees have come down with it also. Mostly at The Grand. Obviously one of the guests contaminated me and some others. The latest outbreak seems to be second generation. People here seldom come down with colds. We aren't in enclosed areas, except a cab, and almost every location is "open air", which greatly reduces the opportunity for a viral infection. Obviously, this particular bug is more resilient than most.

Oh, the rumor that Henry's was going to close was just that. A rumor or rumour to the rest of the English speaking world. [wink].

It is Sunday morning and my days off have commenced. Talk to y'all tomorrow.



Waipio Valley


"Let's all be careful out there!"