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Sunday, April 29, 2007



Went "10-1" (start of shift) at exactly 7:00pm. I was first up and was immediately dispatched for a run to OGG. On our way at 7:02pm. A young couple returning to Stockholm, Sweden via a one week lay-over in San Francisco. The "City" is very beautiful this time of year.

I explained to them that they needed to go though the Department of Agriculture check-point before heading to the departure counter. All luggage is required to be inspected and an approval sticker issued for each bag.

Supposedly this is to prevent invasive species from migrating to the mainland, with possible negative consequences to the agribusiness.

You can see everyone lined up. This is the first of 4 times that people have to queue up to depart the island.
  1. DoA
  2. Airline Departure Counter
  3. TSA Security
  4. Airline Boarding
Departing the airport, I got behind this van. His GM vehicle had the "daylight" running lights on, illuminating the road and the lights on the dashboard were glowing. His problem was that, for some idiotic reason, GM didn't include the illumination of the taillights when the vehicle is operating after dark.

I think I scared the living shit out of him when, at a very long 4-way signal, I tapped on his window and asked him to turn on his headlights.

As I entered Kihei I was assigned a dinner return from Sansei to Wailea. Things were looking very good for the night.
My next job was 90 minutes in coming. Followed by my 4th and 5th fares an hour after that.

Midnight through bar close was active. 6 pupus.

Phone never rang after that.

Turned control over to Wally (#05) a bit after 4:00am and was feeding Bear by 4:30am.

98 miles, 11 lines on my Driver's Sheet and metered in the mid $100's. Not a bad night but definitely less than I really needed.

Feces occurs.

Tina, usually in #5, took this the other night.
Here's a "photo-chopped" blow-up.
Cruising through the "Triangle" and spotted this young woman dancing on top of a parked car.

She made it to ground level by the time I snapped these 2 pics. Spoke in a heavy Russian accent. I think she was part of the "entertainment package" that came out of the limo parked by Bada Bings.

Now this is one Hummer that will NEVER see a dirt road.
Two of the specialty police vehicles parked at the Kihei District Police Station

I have actually seen that little Cushman rolling "EMERGENY" to a call in the middle of the night. Being passed by the standard Ford "Crown Vics". It has the cutest little siren.

I'll be back out again tonight, doing a "Cinderella ".

I need 6 "OGGs" to break even.

Not bloody likely to happen but never say "Never".

Enjoy your Sunday.

I'll see you tomorrow.




I'olani Palace
This is our State Capital.
If you have seen "Hawaii 5-0" you've seen it.
Royal Bedroom
Feather Head Dress
Details Of Feather Standard
Royal Cape
Royal Standard
Summer Palace

"Let's all be careful out there!"