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Thursday, August 02, 2007



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"Let's all be careful out there!"



I have caught bits and pieces of more TV than I have seen in years.

A special safety razor that has a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime free replacement warranty. Not only that, but they'll send you 2 (TWO!) of them for just the $13.95 price. If the damn thing is so good, why all these extras?

Comedy on TV really is pitiful. I checked in and out of the Comedy Channel with no laugh, no snicker, no smile. Not even a smirk. Even the Cartoon Network left me at a loss.

ABC Family isn't really a "family" oriented feed, is it. I haven't seen so much cleavage, on supposedly teenage high school girls, ever in my real life. And I live Hawai'i, where everyone is always in shorts and t-shirts, year round. Tried the 4 major (ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC) with lackluster results. Didn't there use to be 6 national networks?

Even my 2 favorite cable feeds (National Geographic & The History Channel) were devoted to UFOs and crop circles. Jeez! Give me a break.

The only reason I even have cable is to get the "RoadRunner" hi-speed connection to the internet and, thus, to all of you.

Do any of you actually watch TV? If so, what programs do you find interesting.

Fake "reality" TV shows seems to dominate the airwaves. The "IDOL" phenomenon is a global sensation, with not one iota of merit to its existence. And it is the best of that genre, sadly.

MTV, and all its global permutations, is a waste. Remember when they actually played music? Do you really care to see what some gang-banger is driving or the bullet ridden home they live in? I don't. The biggest joke about their programming is now all the small town kids across America think its kewl to speak like an inner-city thug. Even worse, most of their school teachers speak the same way.

TV is reaching the point where the shows are aimed at the lowest IQ level capable of operating a remote control and then getting advertisers to buy time. Peddling the worst products in the world.

Also, why is it that I can see ads for upper and lower GI tract problems, erectile dysfunction, pregnancy tests, herpes treatments, sleep disorders, but nary a one for birth control nor STD prevention.

Why is CSI such a hit? In most departments, these people are civilian technicians. Not gun toting cops. I guess a lot of people find it entertaining (and believable). I didn't.

Are ADD and ADHD new problems? Seems as if every school administrator and teacher has it as their god-given right to prescribe drugs. I don't remember pharmacology as part of the curriculum in getting a degree in teaching. We had kids who were unruly when I was growing up and I am sure the generations before me did too. Looking back, I probably was one of those.

Got a problem? Take a pill or give one to your antagonist. Preferably, both. No more problem.

Maybe this is why we ended up electing the moron who is currently destroying America. We have become the "pod people" from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

Considering that we are approaching the what-ever anniversary of 9/11, I do have one comment that will probably piss a lot of people off.

I mourn the loss of life, but the "Twin Towers" were the ugliest buildings ever erected. Two very tall cribbage pegs stuck in the ground. Not one iota of beauty. While I don't like the way it happened, I am glad they are gone. Look what has been built, or is under construction, around the world. Works of art, functionality and grace. The newest edifices erected by individuals, not soulless multi-national corporations.

Well, thats my rants and ravings for today. I am definitely going back to ONE-NINE tonight. Another night of the boob-tube would put me in the hospital. Where they would pump me so full of drugs that I would be joining the masses of complacent and compliant vegetable people.




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"Let's all be careful out there!"