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Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Woke up early yesterday afternoon. Unlike most of you, Monday is the only day I actually look forward to during the week. While Judy goes to Fred's every Tuesday night for their "$2 Taco Tuesday", I only make it by every month or so.

As I left my home, this is what the tree in the front yard looked like. All resplendent in golden blossoms. I have no idea about what kind of tree it is. My knowledge of trees is limited to "some have leaves" and "some have needles". I also discovered that is was very overcast, with brisk "Trade Winds". Wasn't cold, or even cool, by any stretch of the imagination

My Front Yard
"Fred" Has Been MIA For Awhile
Finally Found His Way Home
Traci is the cutest "lil'ol'thang". The first time I met her I asked how tall she was. "Not very" was her response. She stands 4 foot 11-3/4 inches. Just a quarter inch shorter than Judy. She is also another smart server. She knows about Judy's seafood problem and always brings her food separately from the others. She is vivacious and very outgoing. Should you go to Fred's, try to get her station and tip her very well, or else.

Judy's View
My View
The South Side Of Fred's
Looking Towards The Kitchen
After dinner, it was grocery shopping on our way back to her house.
"What do you need?"
I asked.
She replied.

Saturday night I am taking her to Ruth's Kriss Steakhouse. Saturday is her birthday.

Want to help me surprise her?

Send her a birthday greeting, on Friday, to

Have a great week and thanks for stopping over.

See you tomorrow.




Lahaina Rainbow
Kaua'i Taro Farm
Lana'i's "Shipwreck Beach"
Kona Coast

"Let's all be careful out there!"