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Sunday, November 18, 2007



The night had a slow start for a Saturday. By midnight I had only accumulated 5 fares. One of those was a Wailea to OGG, a wonderful couple from Alaska. Another was Kristina & Donald, my newlyweds from yesterday, They each had tattoos done last night. They went to the parlor located below Lulu's. and said that the owner/artist was extremely intense, and painful. They based their opinion on experience, since these were not their first body illustrations. Described the artist as looking, and acting, like a precursor to a Neanderthal. The said that the shoppe was highly rated on the web but this guy seemed to enjoy inflicting as much pain as possible. They would not recommend anyone going there.

If you come here and want a tat, contact me and I will give you a recommendation. I don't have any myself but I know a lot who do and there is one lady just a block north of where this guy is that no one has ever complained about.

Terry (#25) got a run from the Kea Lani to the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel about 1a, leaving just TMR (#27) and ONE-NINE left to cover everything. And we stayed steady. After bar close, he did a roundtrip from north Kihei to Waikapu, across the island, and I had a roundtrip to MMMC, our hospital. He finally logged out a little past 4a and I was able to pack it in at 5a. Flor, #27's day driver, logged on about 4:30a and immediately had a fare from the Diamond Resort, in Wailea, over to Lahaina. Not a bad start. Murph and I did a "hot bunk" change and he was the only cab available. None of the other early drivers had logged on when I left.

There were a lot of "check-ins" at the resorts last night. This is a good sign. The resorts are at the top of their premium rack rates and thus the people arriving are FITs (Financially Independent Travelers). The money should flow this next week. God, I hope so.

12 fares / 162 miles / 3rd quarter $200 bracket

I am trying to make up my mind whether to buy and cook a turkey for myself this year. I'll be working on Thanksgiving, as always, and the effort seems a bit extreme and time consuming. But I do love a turkey dinner, with all the fixin's. Of course, it'll mean that all I will have to eat for the following 2 weeks will be turkey, in all its permutations.

Decisions, decisions.

Everyone enjoy yourselves. Will you be staying home this holiday or traveling? I'd like to hear from you. Just leave a comment.




The first four images are courtesy of Maui Action Photos. Mahalo, Van.

Silver Sword
Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa
Big Island
About 100 miles away
Science City
Hana Waterfall

"Let's all be careful out there!"