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Friday, January 12, 2007



Picked up Alissa and Catherine from The Grand and took them to the "Triangle". Aren't they both just drop dead gorgeous!
I really enjoy her visits. She adds a tremendous amount of zest to my life. She and my oldest grandson, Justin, are the same age and I love her the same way as I do him.
Steve "lei'd" (after 13 years, I am so tired of that joke) both the ladies and got a surprise hug in return.
It was a pretty decent night. The only problem the entire night was a 1:00am pick-up of 20 people from Mulligans, going out to The Prince. I was the only cab available and was going to have to make 5 trips to do the task.

Pulled into the parking lot at Mulligans and only one man was waiting. As I pulled up next to him I could hear him talking on a cell phone telling someone that the cab was here.

I explained the situation and told him that I could only handle 4 people at a time. He told me that was no problem.

He hopped into "shotgun" and two other guys climbed into the rear. I told them that I could only take one more. Of course, two more clammered in through one door and a sixth was crawling over the guy at the other door. This was what I was dreading. No one was attempting the front seat though. The guy in "shotgun" was as big as a Samoan. Bigger!

I patiently explained that the extras all had to get out, except one. The male part of the couple at the right rear took exception. I explained that the cab would not move with more than four passengers. He cussed me out and then slammed the door as hard as he could [STRIKE ONE]. One of the guys in the back opened the door and called out to the crowd that we needed one more. No one moved other than their lips flapping as everyone engaged in idle, drunken chatter. The doorslammer shouted, "No one is riding in this cab. We'll call another one" and slammed the door again. [STRIKE TWO] The guy in the back opened the door and tried one more fruitless time to get a fourth person. He told the doorslammer that there were no other cabs available except me and again asked for a fourth passenger. [you know its coming] The doorslammer then yelled "I SAID NO ONE WAS RIDING IN THIS CAB!" and, of course, slammed the door a final time. [STRIKE THREE] He got a perfect release on this one and beat his personal best in the effort.

"That it." I said as I put ONE-NINE in gear. "You guys want to go to The Prince, right?"
"We sure do." 'Shotgun' said.
"Oh, you might as well call your friends back there and tell them I won't be coming back. They probably should start walking home."
"Thats funny." 'Shotgun' laughed.
"Yeah, it truly is, isn't it, but it is also the absolute truth. I won't be going back there."
The three of them attempted to bribe ($50) me to go back. Those of you who have read me for a while know that THAT wasn't going to happen. They paid me the exact $10.40 fare.


Well, Hapa's is closing this Saturday. Reportedly for financial reasons. Just do a site search here for HAPA'S to read my opinion of the place.

This is a mixed blessing. The site of more police presence than any other bar in Kihei, its closure will change the locus of trouble. Most likely to the "Triangle". Which will be a shame. Locals and non-native residents and visitors do not mix well when blended with alcohol.

I'll give you round-by-round updates as the violence escalates.




"Let's all be careful out there!"