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Monday, November 27, 2006



Traditionally, the Monday following Thanksgiving starts our slowest time of the year. It usually lasts until about 3 days before Christmas. People are preparing for the holidays.

Three days before Christmas is when all hell breaks loose and our busiest time of the year occurs. From then until three days after New Years, I typically earn about three months income. After that we are in our traditional "high" season, until April 15th. Always busy.

Since S.E. Asia is still rebuilding from the tsunami and the Caribbean hasn't recovered from last year's swarm of hurricanes, we should have a very interesting winter (Wil crosses his fingers).

If you like Hawai'ian music, this web site plays a great selection of traditional and modern.

Bob, over at TAXI TALES, posted this very interesting video. I just want to pass it along.

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A question for my visitors from outside the USA.

We are currently in the process of having our over-the-air television, AM radio and FM radio being converted to all digital broadcasts. The current analog method of transmission is being phased out. This is also being applied to our emergency services communications channels. It isn't going to be an "overnight" change but the television broadcasts are mandated to discontinue analog service. The original date of compliance has been pushed back a couple of times.

Are your countries doing the same?




"Let's all be careful out there!"