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Thursday, April 27, 2006



As scheduled, I started work at 7:00pm. There were a lot of holdover drivers from day shift. They were desperate. One ended her 10 hour day with just two pu-pu runs. Everyone had been idle for at least 4 hours and some over 6 hours. If their shift set the benchmark for the day, then the night shift did pretty damn good.

While it took a bit, my first run (at 9:15pm) was to OGG. I also ended my shift with a run to OGG. First time I ever "bookended" a shift that nicely. Stocked the center with 7 decent in-town runs

About 8:00pm I went to get some "go-juice" from The Honolulu Coffee Company.

I could hear a live performance at the other end, on the lower level, of the mall. Native Hawaiian chants and drums.

That little light above my head illuminated.

Thats right, this is "Wailea on Wednesday.

The Shops at Wailea provide a very diversified array of music entertainment every Wednesday evening.




String Ensembles



All of it is great, but the native shows are the most popular.

Chants, drums, rhythms, the various forms of the Hula.

Toward the end of the show is when "volunteers" are selected to "shake their groove thing" with the hula girls. All the participants suffer some mild public humiliation by their dance but a rare few are very adroit.

This was the point when I looked over the rail to see the show on the lower level. Took out my camera and started videoing. While the show was well lit, my angle of view diminished the light.

Anyway, where this video stops is when my batteries died. Walked over to the ABC Store (Hawai'i's largest "stop-n-rob"), bought replacements and by the time I reached the rail, the show was over.


Here is what I did get. Enjoy!



"Let's all be careful out there!"