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Friday, August 31, 2007



Last Night's Sunset
At 9:30p I surpassed Tuesday night's meter. Passed Wednesday's at 9:45p. And beat their combined total at 1:26a. Then I added two more fares to the night.

I think this just about sums it up:

Had the pleasure of the company of these four lasses twice last night. I didn't get their names but they are from SoCal. Aren't they pretty? They were as nice as they were good looking. Even at the end of the night.

Also had two Irish lads. Mid-twenty's. The rudest people of the night. Not that they were deliberately trying to be rude, just that I was a "cabbie" and far below their station in life. I had them twice last night also. Their main interests were getting a blow-job, football (soccer), and seeing if they could get into a fight at the "Triangle" with a "local". They didn't think the people of polynesia were that tough. I don't know how they fared since I had only taken them to Mulligan's and later to the "Triangle". No ambulances were called to the "Triangle" during the shift, so maybe they sized up the competition and realized they were out-matched.

14 fares / 116 miles / 1st quarter $200 bracket

Received a call from Judy's new boyfriend/roommate, Richard, last night. Judy was taken ill on Sunday past and finally was transported to MMMC yesterday. Nobody knows what is wrong and she is scheduled for a CAT-SCAN later today. We don't have a MRI machine on Mau'i. Richard had just left her at the ER. They had doped her up and she was drifting off to the "Land of Nod". She told him that there was no reason to hang around and watch her sleep and that he had to call me asap or I would be pissed. And I would have been, too. I'll talk to him this evening and hopefully they'll have an idea of what the problem is. The only symptoms that he told me was that she was having severe chest and upper back pains.

I'll let you know tomorrow what I find out.




Upcountry Mau'i

"Let's all be careful out there!"

Thursday, August 30, 2007



One of the problems we have is lack of places to park while waiting for a dispatch. In Wailea, none of the resorts want us waiting around on their property. All beach access parking is closed at 7p and we are hassled by the Wailea Community rent-a-cops if we park anywhere in their patrol area. Even The Shops At Wailea kick us out. Of course, the difference between us and their regular traffic is that we have a yellow light on the roof and our vehicles are clean, late model automobiles that actually have wheels on them and no major damage.

Both of these have been parked at The Shops for well over a month.

I guess I could take "Maggie" and beat the shit out of our cabs so we look more like their "valued" customers.

The title of today's missive says it all. My second fare of the night was a good one from Wailea to a hostel in Wailuku. A young couple from "Sacratomato", CA USA. He just flew in today and she has been here for a week already, with her parents.

Contributed a 25% tip too!

4 fares between 7p and 11p. 1 on the dog-watch.

If this is boring to you, then consider how I felt.

Oh, yeah. We had 4 cabs on until 2a. Started with a lot more than that.

My morning relief advised me that he will be taking the next 5 days off. I have no idea who will be my relief on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Feces occurs. I'll just hang in there until someone shows up.

The next 3 nights we only have 3 cabs on until bar close. And we might get some business from the Three Dog Night concert in Wailuku this evening.

5 fares / 77 miles / 4th quarter below $100 bracket




Upcountry - Mau'i

"Let's all be careful out there!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Yesterday was its release date. I can hardly wait to get/read it. USA TODAY had a nice write-up about it. I've heard that the current edition of American Way, the in-flight magazine for American Airlines, also has a squib but I couldn't find it on their web edition.

I hope it becomes a best seller. The only "spoiler" that I've heard is that she is gay. Which matters nothing to me.

Today is the third anniversary of hurricane Katrina hitting NOLA.

My last fare of the shift ended at 11:16p. My relief didn't showup until almost 4:30a. 5 hours of nothing to do.

"Murph", ONE-NINE's day driver on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, only added 85 miles over the last 2 days.

Half a dozen fares during the prior 4 hours. Had one couple twice, taking them to and from dinner. And had another girl twice. A kama'aina, I took her from work to her home and then picked her and her roommate up a half hour later, headed to the "Triangle".

The second fare was one of note though. A mother and 10/11-ish daughter from Portland, OR USA. They had attended the luau at the Maui Prince and were headed back to their condo, in north-central Kihei. She was a psychic vampire. A person who can suck all the energy out of a room by just walking into it. You know the type. Started of with wanting to know how much the fare was going to be. She got my standard answer:
"Whatever the meter reads when we get there. It starts at $3.50 and adds $3 for each mile traveled."

'Will it be more than $25?"

"Probably closer to $30 / $35."

"It only cost me $15 to get here."

"Not in a cab."

The rest of the ride she whoaed and bemoaned about her entire visit. The fridge in her condo wasn't working and all the food she had purchased was spoiling but she didn't want a repair person to come in when she wasn't there and her "dance card" was full for everyday of her stay. As we approach their condo she starts in on the little girl, saying that everything that has gone wrong was all her fault and that she didn't want to speak to her the rest of the night. Definitely "Mother Of The Year" material.

The fare was $31.10 and they gave me $31, exactly. Not only stiffed for the tip but also shorted on the fare. But somehow I knew it was going to turn out that way during the first 30 seconds of the ride. As she exited, I told her
"Lady, you had better start to learn how to take control and responsibility for your life and quit blaming others, especially your young daughter, or you will end up alone and miserable when you reach my age. Grow the fuck up."

6 fares / 63 miles / 4th quarter below $100 bracket




3-D Relief Map Of Haleakala
Makawao Avenue Upcountry
Moonrise Over Haleakala
Pukalani Upcountry
Pukalani The Lights Of
King Kekaulike High School
Sports Field On The Horizon

"Let's all be careful out there!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



This is the raw image taken just a few minutes ago:
The moon is located in the lower center.
As shown on this image:
And this is what I got pushing the image to its usable limits:

"Let's all be careful out there!"



And so, as one smart bear once said...
"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."
~ Winnie the Pooh.
3900 Marbles

The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it's the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, or maybe it's the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable.

A few weeks ago, I was shuffling toward the garage with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other. What began as a typical Saturday morning turned into one of those lessons that life seems to hand you from time to time.

Let me tell you about it.

I turned the dial up into the phone portion of the band on my ham radio in order to listen to a Saturday morning swap net. Along the way, I came across an older sounding chap, with a tremendous signal and a golden voice. You know the kind; he sounded like he should be in the broadcasting business. He was telling whomever he was talking with something about "a thousand marbles." I was intrigued and stopped to listen to what he had to say.

"Well, Tom, it sure sounds like you're busy with your job. I'm sure they pay you well but it's a shame you have to be away from home and your family so much. Hard to believe a young fellow should have to work sixty or seventy hours a week to make ends meet. It's too bad you missed your daughter's dance recital" he continued. "Let me tell you something that has helped me keep my own priorities." And that's when he began to explain his theory of a "thousand marbles."

"You see, I sat down one day and did a little arithmetic. The average person lives about seventy-five years. I know, some live more and some live less, but on average, folks live about seventy-five years."

"Now then, I multiplied 75 times 52 and I came up with 3900, which is the number of Saturdays that the average person has in their entire lifetime.

Now, stick with me, Tom, I'm getting to the important part. It took me until I was fifty-five years old to think about all this in any detail", he went on, "and by that time I had lived through over twenty-eight hundred Saturdays. I got to thinking that if I lived to be seventy-five, I only had about a thousand of them left to enjoy.

So I went to a toy store and bought every single marble they had. I ended up having to visit three toy stores to round up 1000 marbles. I took them home and put them inside a large, clear plastic container right here in the shack next to my gear."

"Every Saturday since then, I have taken one marble out and thrown it away. I found that by watching the marbles diminish, I focused more on the really important things in life."

"There is nothing like watching your time here on this earth run out to help get your priorities straight."

"Now let me tell you one last thing before I sign-off with you and take my lovely wife out for breakfast. This morning, I took the very last marble out of the container. I figure that if I make it until next Saturday then I have been given a little extra time. And the one thing we can all use is a little more time."

"It was nice to meet you Tom, I hope you spend more time with your family, and I hope to meet you again here on the band. This is a 75 Year old Man, K9NZQ, clear and going QRT, good morning!"

You could have heard a pin drop on the band when this fellow signed off. I guess he gave us all a lot to think about. I had planned to work on the antenna that morning, and then I was going to meet up with a few hams to work on the next club newsletter.

Instead, I went upstairs and woke my wife up with a kiss. "C'mon honey, I'm taking you and the kids to breakfast."

"What brought this on" she asked with a smile."

"Oh, nothing special, it's just been a long time since we spent a Saturday together with the kids. And hey, can we stop at a toy store while we're out? I need to buy some marbles."
I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Stop over tomorrow when you get a chance.




Upcountry Rainbow
Upcountry Mau'i

"Let's all be careful out there!"

Monday, August 27, 2007



More Info HERE

Total Eclipse of the Moon
2007 August 28

The beginning of the umbral phase visible in North America, South America except extreme east.
Antarctica except for Enderby Land.
New Zealand, eastern Australia, extreme northeastern Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and the western Atlantic Ocean.

The end visible in New Zealand, Australia, most of Antarctica except Queen Maud Land.
Indonesia, eastern Asia, western North America, the Pacific Ocean, and the southeastern Indian Ocean.
That link also has some neat animated graphics.

"Let's all be careful out there!"




Old Age, I decided, is a gift.

I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be.? Oh, not my body!? I sometime despair over my body, the wrinkles, the baggy eyes, and the sagging butt.? And often I am taken aback by that old person that lives in my mirror (who looks like my mother!), but I don't agonize over those things for long.

I would never trade my amazing friends, my wonderful life, my loving family for less gray hair or a flatter belly. As I've aged, I've become more kind to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my
own friend. I don't chide myself for eating that extra cookie, or for not making my bed, or for buying that silly cement gecko that I didn't need,
but looks so avante garde on my patio.? I am entitled to a treat, to be messy, to be extravagant.I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging.

Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4 AM and sleep until noon?

I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 60's & 70's, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love ... Iwill.

I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set. They, too, will get old.

I know I am sometimes forgetful.? But there again, some of life is just as well forgotten. And I eventually remember the important things.

Sure, over the years my heart has been broken. How can your heart not break when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts
are what give us strength and understanding and compassion. A heart never broken is pristine and sterile and will never know the joy of being imperfect.

I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turning gray, and to have my youthful laughs be forever etched into deep grooves on my face. So many have never laughed, and so many have died
before their hair could turn silver.

As you get older, it is easier to be positive. You care less about what other people think. I don't question myself anymore. I've even earned the right to be wrong.

So, to answer your question, I like being old. It has set me free.
I like the person I have become. I am not going to live forever, but while I am still here, I will not waste time lamenting what could have been, or worrying about what will be. And I shall eat
dessert every single day. (If I feel like it)




Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips


Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for Pete's sake! You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it, anyway!

To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes

Buy Hungry Jack mashed potato mix, keep it in the pantry for up to a year.

When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking pan, use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake

Go to the bakery! They'll even decorate it for you.

If you accidentally oversalt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato and it will absorb the excess salt for an instant "fix-me-up."

If you oversalt a dish while you are cooking, that's too bad. Please recite with me the real woman's motto: "I made it and you will eat it and I don't care how bad it tastes! "

Wrap celery in aluminum foil when putting in the refrigerator and it will keep for weeks.

Celery? Never heard of it!

Brush some beaten egg white over pie crust before baking to yield a beautiful glossy finish.

The Mrs. Smith frozen pie directions do not include brushing egg whites over the crust so I don't.

Cure for headaches: take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away.

Take a lime, mix it with tequila, chill and drink!

If you have a problem opening jars, try using latex dishwashing gloves. They give a non-slip grip that makes opening jars easy.

Go ask that very cute neighbor if he can open it for you.

Don't throw out all that leftover wine. Freeze into ice cubes for future use in casseroles and sauces

Leftover wine???????????
HELLO !!!!!!!



I am not sure exactly how it works, but this is amazingly accurate. Read the full description before looking at the picture.

The picture below has 2 identical dolphins in it. It was used in a case study on stress level s at St. Mary's Hospital.
Look at both dolphins jumping out of the water. The dolphins are identical. A closely monitored, scientific study revealed that , in spite of the fact that the dolphins are identical , a person under stress would ! find differences in the two dolphins . The more differences a person finds between the dolphins, the more stress that person is experiencing.
Look at the photograph and if you find more than one or two differences you may want to take a vacation.

No Need to Reply, I'll be on Vacation

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

Everybody have a great week! Seeja tomorrow.




Soaking Up The Sun
"West Side"
Papakea Resort
Diamond Head

"Let's all be careful out there!"