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Saturday, March 10, 2007



A very good night. 2 OGG's, plus 13 other runs. As usual, for a Friday night, the supply of cabs could not keep up with the demand. I took over the phone around 9:00 pm and only had to triage the incoming calls for about an hours until equilibrium was reestablished. I could have had a third OGG at 4:30 am but I passed it on to my relief, Murph, as a "special", since he agreed to come in early so I could haul my soaking wet ass home.

On Wednesday our weather shifted and we started having "Kona Winds" , which is nature's early warning that rains are coming to south Mau'i. They arrived just at bar close this morning and got progressively heavier throughout the single digit hours of the day.

About 1:00 am, I get a request for a cab to Bada Bings. Pull up and 2 nicely dressed black guys hop in the back.
"Where are we headed to, guys?"
"The Grand Wailea."

I turn left onto south Kihei Road, headed to Wailea.
"You're going the wrong way!"
"I thought you said you wanted to go to The Grand."
"We do, but you turned left and The Grand is to the right."
"I am sorry, sir, but you are incorrect."
"No I'm not. You're just trying to rip us off."

I immediately pull to the curb.
"Mister, if thats what you two think, just hop out here and walk."
"Just take us to our hotel."
I pull out and continue another 200 yards, or so.
"I know that you are going to pad this ride for an extra $10. All cabbies are the same."
The guy in the right rear slams the back of the front passenger seat with his hand.
Its time to take control of this situation and fast.
I slam on the brakes and steer to the curb again.
In my medium booming voice:
"You are really beginning to piss me off. From where we started, there is only one way to get to The Grand and thats the way we are headed. Now shut up or get out. I don't give a shit one way or the other."
Right rear starts to speak.
"I said SHUT UP. Don't you understand English?"
He starts to speak again.
ONE-NINE got very quiet.
I continued the ride.
When we arrived at The Grand, left rear paid me and then said,
"I am with the CIA and I am going to check you out and you're going to pay for this. You are the rudest asshole I've ever met."
"The CIA, huh. Lets see your ID or should I call the cops and tell them you are impersonating a Federal Officer?"
They made a complaint with Steve at the valet desk.

They were both either too stupid, or drunk (or both) to realize that intimidation is not an effective means of dealing with me.
But it did give me something to write about this morning.


Having 6 (soon to be 7) bars in as small an area as the "Triangle" has become problematic. Too many drunks, too much opportunity for conflict and too few law enforcement resources. Its a powder keg with a very short, lit, fuse.

Stay tuned for this continuing drama. Thursday night/Friday morning was just a glimpse of what is coming down the pike. Why the Maui County Liquor Control Board (LCB) allowed that many "on-sale" licenses in such close proximity is beyond common sense. I predict that before this summer is over there will be some serious incidents and some very serious injuries. Unfortunately, some of the victims will be police officers.

This is all being driven by lust for the almighty dollar, on the part of the County and the owners of Kihei Kalama Village. The piper will be paid his due.


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"Let's all be careful out there!"