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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Thats right. One year ago today, Melissa Plaut made her first post to her new blog at 3:13am EDT.

Originally read by friends and family, it began expanding audience base. Then, in late January, 2006, this little underground blog reached the attention of someone with the Associated Press newswire service, which did an article on her. Instant explosion! This generated an interview with one of the BIG network TV stations in NYC, which was eventually carried nationwide by the parent network's nightly news.

I wonder what it must have been like to check your stat-counter one day and see the same general trend in readership and then waking up the next day and seeing unbelievable numbers. And then about a week later having a readership that literally measured in the millions.

I know what I would have done. Just slouched back in my chair and said, "Holy Shit." When they climbed even higher, about a week later, I would have started laughing, saying, "Holy Fucking Shit!"

Melissa, thank you for entertaining all of us with your wit, your insight, and pictures of NYC that we never see from the Visitors Bureau of NYC.

Melissa has a book deal signed with Villard, an imprint of Random House, and it will be published sometime in 2007. If anyone knows Oprah, get her to add it to her bookclub listing, so M.P. can get very, very rich.

Melissa once commented that a fare told her that she had a very nice soft "Queens" accent. I listened to her do a reading on a radio show from Rocky Sullivans recently and was expecting to hear a "Fran Drescher" but instead she is very, very soft spoken with just a hint of Queens in her pleasant voice.

Congratulations, NEW YORK HACK!
Why don't y'all drop by and wish her good tidings.

Flickr: Photos from macprohawaii

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Cathy said...

I swear I left you a comment earlier but now I don't see it. I think blogger has been eating some comments.

I love your Blog and your pics are beautiful. I have added you to my links. If that is not ok please let me know...:)

Brent said...

WOW!! Great pictures, but how can you go wrong in paradise? I linked back to you.

CharterJames said...

I did have the pleasure of greeting Melissa briefly, out front of Rocky Sullivan's, before her reading. Unfortunately the situation was a bit awkward with her suddenly recieving several arriving individuals at the same moment I hailed her; my usual avuncular charm fled me; so I quickly took my leave. It was one of those situations that would have been bound to improve with a little libation, but I was driving at the time. I had just parked the car for the purpose of shaking her hand and adding my contribution to the benefit.

Happy anniversary to NewYorkHack, she has inspired and encourage a lot of NY bloggers. Customers mention her to me quite often. Quite often I mention her to customers.

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