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Monday, August 28, 2006



Added a new cab-blog, from Eugene, OR, USA.
"Through A Winshield, Darkly".

Deleted the cab-Blog "Kuntry Kabbie", for a multitude of reasons.

Added "Day Cabbie", a lady cabbie from San Francisco, CA, USA

Added "The Blank Top Chronicles", the postings of a cab dispatcher in Arlington, VA, USA

Added our favorite meter reader's new blog,
"Dogbait's Babble".

Added "Mark's Tech Stuff".

Added "Mel's Internet Universe Weblog"

Added an entire new links catagory:
COP'S BLOGS, with 21 links to blogs about Police/Fire/EMS folks.

Deleted all the flags and icons that I had next to each blog-link.

Updated the links on each of the flags below the banner so that they again connect to "The CIA Worldbook Of Facts". Only had to change "http:" to "https:", 70 times. That added "S" indicates that it is a secure website.


Cheers, mate. If you want to post a comment on anything, just e-mail me and I will post it for you.


"TMR Alex" did collect my money from Speedi-Shuttle about 4:30pm, yesterday. But not without a hassle. They claimed to not have any cash available, even though a ton of cash was plainly visible on the counter. Seems they were doing a shift change and didn't want to be bothered by giving out money when they had already counted their cash drawer. He was persistent and finally collected the funds for me.

"Revenge shall be mine, sayeth the cabbie."

Flickr: Photos from macprohawaii


"Let's all be careful out there!"


jo said...

My my, you have been a busy bee! I bet you it took ages to sort everything out?? There is something very satisfying in tidying things up - and no I am not an obsessive cleaner!!

Lovely photos as usual. xx

Peggy said...

I wondered why you were taking Kuntry Kabbie off until I checked his site. Eeew!

Is it mandatory that every back yard in Hawaii have a mango or lemon or orange tree by law?

Can one find all those beautiful orchids just by walking around or do you have to walk into the country?

"The Triangle" has been quiet lately. You haven't mentioned it in a while.

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