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Friday, March 24, 2006



Started at 7:00pm and watched a tropical lightshow developing in the distant northwest, near the island of Moloka'i. Had my first run at 7:45pm. To the airport (yipee!!). My guests and I talked story about how crappy the weather has been these past 10 days.

No rain on the way there but coming back I drove into a cloudburst for about three miles.

I immediately was dispatched to a call when I checked in at the Kihei town boundry. It was nearby. That run took me to the FOODLAND/"Triangle" area. As I dropped, I picked up a run from there to Wailea.

When I cleared I was immediately dispatched back to the "Triangle" for another dinner return to Wailea. Then I had an in-Wailea pupu run.

Cleared it and was dispatched back to The GRAND for another airport run (yipee!! again).

It rained the entire trip there. Heavy at times.

When I cleared at OGG, I was advised to standby for a "meet & greet" at 10:40pm (and again, yippee!!). A family arriving on American 161, going to The GRAND. Met a wonderful family from Chicago. The rain on the trip back to Wailea was steady.

The light show was getting better.

Picked up Alyssa and Natalie about 12:30am and took them to Makena.

After everyone else left, I had some Kihei pupu runs.

Finished the night with another OGG (final yippee!!) from Wailea at 4:30am. Major portions of SR311 (Mokulele Highway) were flooded. But, on my return, the flooding was gone.

At 5:00am, just as I was trying to clear at the airport, our radio repeater went B/O (bad order). I could "key-up" our westside repeater from Kahului, but the eastside one was dead. They are on different channels and have different "footprints" on the island.

When I left at 6:00am, it was still down. Hope all the dayshift drivers have cell-phones.

This morning's pump price:

Our highest price was in September last year. $4.049 for 87 octane.


That's the FAA designation for Mau'i International Airport.

Apparently a Mr. H O G G was influential in having the airport built and the FAA honored a county request to use the last three letters of his name for the designation. Fact or fiction? I don't know, but thats the story I've heard. Sounds good, anyway. I can see why they didn't use the first three letters instead. Everyone wants to go to paradise, not HOG heaven. [groan] ;)

Here is baggage claim (looking east):

These folks are entering baggage claim from the east escalator. They're off an Air Canada flight:

On your left as you enter baggage claim is a display provided by the Mau'i Ocean Center, the world's largest reef aquarium, located in Maalaea. That dark spot is an aquarium:

Here's a look inside the aquarium. It's artifically illuminated during the day:
Well, its "Aloha Friday"!


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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