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Monday, May 01, 2006



Virgin Radio

London Cabby has mentioned Virgin Radio a few times in his blog. I guess they use station "names" in the UK rather than "call letters" as we do in the States

I checked and found that they provide a free internet "feed" of their station for the rest of the world.

The thing that caught my attention was the almost complete absence of an "English accent" among the disc-jockeys. They could easily have been from the US. Most had the "American Broadcast Standard" accent. The few with a notable trace of English vowel pronunciation sounded like Roger Moore (the second "James Bond").

I have throughly enjoyed it. Saved to "favorites" and added a link to the blogroll.


"Let's all be careful out there!"


june in florida said...

Wil thanks for tip on Virgin i bookmarked it too, will listen later here.You made me very hungry with Azekas menu, be safe..June

Mark said...

you can try from manchester too.

dont know what your expectation of an 'english' accent is though!

Mark said...

key103 i mean!

from manchester. uk.

Joann said...

Thanks for the Virgin.

James Cridland said...

Thanks for the link: please do bookmark us. In fact, we provide four stations...

Virgin Radio (the station that the London Cabby listens to)
Virgin Radio Classic Rock
Virgin Radio Xtreme - new rock music
Virgin Radio Groove - classic soul and disco

We do use station names here in the UK (and, actually, in all parts of the world except Australia and the US, I believe). However, I don't agree that we've any American accents among us; indeed, we gave the American voice in our jingles the heave-ho in 2001. You won't hear a single American voice on the station (well, if you except Alice Cooper on our Classic Rock station); I suspect you've got confused watching too much PBS... we don't all talk like Mrs Slocombe and her pussy.

Great to hear that you're listening to us, and please tell your friends. The best way to listen to us, incidentally, isn't the link you've used, but the really simple - that even tells you the names of the songs.

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