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Sunday, June 03, 2007


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When I completed my shift, this morning (Saturday 2-June-07 / 0445hrs), my odometer read:
Thats miles, just so there is no confusion.

The person that correctly predicts the date and whether AM or PM, that ONE-NINE rolls over to:
100,000 miles
will receive a 2008 Hawai'ian Photo calendar.

Make your prediction in the "Talk Story" (comments) section of this post.

I will leave this post at the top until the contest ends.

If you leave your prediction on another post, it will not be counted.

Oh, your comment must have your e-mail address indicated in the specified box that you fill in when making a post. I am the only one who can see that and I will not give it out.

I will post the winner's "handle" when the event occurs and will notify the winner by e-mail and request a "snail" mail address so I can send it off.

Good luck!


"June in Florida" - 05-OCT-07 / AM
"Randall" - 03-SEP-07 / AM
Bev" - 30-JUL-07 / PM
Sorry! Please Re-Enter
"jj" - 01-OCT-07 / AM
"Ted Martin" - 15-OCT-07 / PM
"Jeepgirl" - 02-OCT-07 / AM
"Peggy" - 28-AUG-07 / AM
"Bob" - 25-AUG-07 / ??

"Ian" - 21-AUG-07 / ??
"Dog Bait" - 24-AUG-07 / PM
"London Cabbie" - 06-SEP-07 / AM
"Holly Muppet" - 01-SEP-07 / AM
"Cathy" - 29-SEP-07 / AM
"Muppets Mum" - 01-SEP-07 / PM
"Jo" - 16-AUG-07 / AM
"Stonedog" - 12-AUG-07 / AM
Sorry! Please Re-Enter
"Roy" - 04-SEP-07 / AM
"Lugosi" - 21-AUG-07 / PM
"Lori" - 23-AUG-07 / AM
"Phyllis" - 14-SEP-07 / AM
"Frank" - 08-AUG-07 / PM
Sorry! Please Re-Enter
"Juan De leon" - 20-AUG-07 / ??
"Mark" - 20-SEP-07 / AM
"Forman" - 21-OCT-07 / AM
"Wyatt Earp" - 05-SEP-07 / PM
"liprap" - 01-JAN-08 / ??

"Let's all be careful out there!"