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Saturday, May 10, 2008



As you all know, Russia has provided many private persons, for a nominal $20 million, an opportunity to vacation on the ISS. It looks like that adventure just might open up for people further down the socio-economic ladder. Probably not as far down as what most of us could budget for but still, any progress is progress.

The privately owned, unmanned, prototype module, Genesis-1, has completed its 10,000th orbit. The scaled down inflatable space habitat, built by Las Vegas, NV based firm Bigelow Aerospace, was launched July 12, 2006. A second test module, Genesis-2, launched in June 2007, is also doing well. Bigelow Aerospace hopes to begin assembling its first crewed station using its Sundancer module in about 2011.

Astrophysicist Daniel Suson may be taking on the biggest challenge of his life. He is going to enter politics. Reading the article, I learned something new. There are actually classes available to teach a person how to be a political candidate. "The Art of Sound Bites 101".

Bio-engineers have created crops that produce so rapidly that a world food crisis could be averted. Turns out they overlooked one little tiny detail. The soil these crops must grow in. Oops.

Bill Gates was in Indonesia for a meeting recently. The first half of the article is about that. The second half is what I found interesting. The foundation he and his wife created is doing some very worthwhile things. I especially enjoyed the last line of the story.

After all the hullaballoo over Blackwater International last year, they are still the security firm that our State Department uses in Baghdad. Their contract has been extended until after the first of next year, when the Bush Administration will be just a bad taste in our mouth. I think Blackwater is probably the best thing we have working in Baghdad. They do exactly what they are paid to do, with enthusiasm.

And I still think the Mexican gov't should really consider procuring their services. 4 top police officials in Mexico City have been assassinated this week. Even with military protection.

That train quarantine, in Canada, sounds like something from a SciFi Channel Saturday movie.

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