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Friday, May 09, 2008



The Terrorist Watch List, used to prevent "known" terrorists from entering America has grown to 755,000+ names. While the names on the list are a closely guarded secret, some have slipped out. If you are named David (Dave) Nelson, forget it. This not uncommon name is on the "shoot on sight" list. Which is a problem. Those old enough to remember the Ozzie & Harriett Show will recall that their oldest son is David Nelson. His parents and younger brother, Ricky, are dead now and he is a very successful businessman and producer in Hollywood. But just let him try and board a plane in America and all hell breaks loose. Are you on the list? Let us know of any hassles you've had in boarding a flight since 9/11.

Its acknowledged that some names are listed multiple times under various spellings. But 755,000? Me thinks the government has gotten a bit carried away. As soon as the National ID card is finally put into place we'll all be on it. DHS and TSA would like to extend its use to other forms of travel, like trains, buses, hitchhiking, etc. Also, they want employers to submit the names of all job applicants for cross referencing. Can't be too careful about who is asking "Do you want fries with your order", can we?

But don't worry, our Department of Justice would NEVER abuse their authority under the "Patriot Act" (ver 1.0, ver 2.0). But ocassionally the "Phoebes" (FBI) do get carried away on their fishing trips. Seems they really do want to create a dossier on every person in America. Interlinking your driving record, social security, credit card purchases, library borrowings, travel activity, school records, all police contacts (even as a victim), and medical history. I guess George Orwell DID have it right, it was just his time-line that was off.

Damn, why couldn't this have happened to a lil' ol' piece o' property just outside of Crawford TX?

A New York Federal District Court Judge has ordered the CIA to turn over a secret memo regarding the use of torture in the interrogation of prisoners held by our government in foreign locations. It will not be shared with the the ACLU, yet, who have sought all documents, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), regarding how the decision to use torture was developed by the administration.

Very slowly the pieces are coming together that will, hopefully, put Dubya & Company behind bars forever.

I think it is time for Mexico's President, Felipe Calderón, to consider hiring Blackwater to deal with security of their public officals. After Thursday's assassination of the acting Chief of the Mexican Federal Police by agents of the powerful drug cartels. Which begs the question, exactly who is running Mexico? Not the government, thats for sure.

It has now been confirmed that the earliest known human settlement in the Americas, in present day Chile, coincides with the commonly accepted time-line for migration across the Bering Straits land bridge and southward along the coast. I am still holding to the theory that the first settlers in America were of Polynesian origin.

With great sadness I must report that Eddy Arnold has passed. Just days short of his 90th birthday. He was the first "hillbilly" artist to transcend the limitations of his genre and make "country" music a national phenomenon. The Garth Brooks and Shania Twains of today owe their success to him.

Were you a fan of the Fox Network TV show "24"? Then you might just recognize the lady on the left. Elisha Cuthbert, and boyfriend, are soaking up the sun in Wailea this week. I have no idea who she is. I've never watched the show. But any excuse to put up a pic of a pretty girl in a bikini is always justified.

The time you spend here is greatly appreciated. I'll be back with more later. Happy TGIF!




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