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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Those feeling a need to shoot me must take a number and queue up on the left <-- <-- <--

This is sooo 21st century. But it only applies to Macs. Your computer is taken, via a burglay or a theft and the crook uses it to go on-line. New programs that either come standard on the Mac or options that can be added later, allow you to snap a picture of whomever is using the computer. There are documented cases of people using these features to aid the police in tracking down and recovering the missing item. Now that is kewl! The good ol' boys up in Redmond WA need to look into this for all of us PC users.

The JavaOne software conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week got infected by a virus. No, not a computer virus but a real life "I don't feel good" one. 70 people were diagnosed as having contracted a highly contagious norovirus Easily spread, especially if people don't wash their hands and we all know that a keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat. The moral of the story? Always wear your latex gloves when getting intimate with a strange computer.

In case you missed it, "snail mail" postal rates are going up tomorrow.

We all have stories about vacations that didn't quite go according to Hoyle. This lady's cocktail hour conversations are going to be interesting.

Gee, it only seems like last week that she was making the headlines for her drunken college escapades, doesn't it? Well Jenna Bush, Dubya's 26 year old daughter, was wed yesterday at the family ranch in Crawford TX. I believe congratulations are in order.

Guests were transported to the nuptial site via chauffered luxury coaches.

Over The Limit?
Please don't drink and drive

"Let's all be careful out there!"