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Sunday, May 11, 2008



According to the Associated Press, today marks the centennial of celebrating "Mother's Day". Wikipedia has some slightly different dates. And don't forget that other countries celebrate at other times of the year.

Burma/Myanmar is starting to accept aid and relief supplies but still refuses to allow foreign personnel to enter the country to make distribution. Estimates are that the death toll could easily surpass 100,000 but who will ever know. Independent confirmation is not being allowed. Its Katrina, albeit on a larger scale.

As Dubya nears his retirement from public life (I hope), he has a pretty full agenda on his travel schedule. Included will be a worthless trip to meet Israel's prime minister and the Palestinian president, at different times and places. There is little he can hope to accomplish. The trip will be more symbolic than substantial. But, then again, what else does he have to do? His only legislative work left is threatening to veto any laws passed by a Democratic Congress.

I wonder if he lays abed at night relishing in the knowledge that about 25% of the country likes him? Wouldn't surprise me.

This week a compromise 5-year Farm Aid bill, hammered out by both sides of the aisle of both Houses, will reach the President's desk. He has already announced that it will be D.O.A. When he inks his veto, it will be sent back to both Houses, where an override will most likely occur. Something that has happened rarely, if ever, in Dubya's term. What our esteemed leader wants is a two-year extention to his 2002 Farm Aid Act. If the override fails, then the country will revert back to the baseline 1949 Act, effectively doubling and tripling farm benefits.

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