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Monday, May 12, 2008


'TIL THE FAT LADY (in the pantsuit) SINGS

While all the other candidates took Sunday off for Mother's Day, the only true "mother" in the campaign kept on impersonating the Energizer Bunny. The fact is she can't afford to quit acting like a viable candidate. She has $11 million of her own money at stake. Money that she only has a chance of recouping if she stays in the race. I am sure that her "people" and Obama's "people" are working in some back room to cut a deal where she will drop out if his organization pays off her debt. I wonder if she would accept the Ambassadorship to Somalia?

One thing that both McCain and Clinton agree on is the "Gas Tax Holiday" for this summer. So, if they get their wish, what do you, the motoring public, receive in return? Not very much, actually. The Fed tax is 18.4¢ a (US)gallon. So on 20 gallons you would only save $3.68. Or, at 1 20-gallon tank of fuel per week, about $55 during the 15 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day (your savings may vary depending on your driving habits). WOW!. Also the fact that neither candidate can find one notable economist to endorse their idea says one hell of a lot. And how much would this cost all of us in the long run. Oh, as much as $9 billion in federal revenue for road and bridge construction. Or the equivalent of 51 days of the Iraqi War.


A very strong (7.5 magnitude) and shallow (29 miles) earthquake struck China today at 06:28 UTC. Thats about 300 times stronger than the one the middle of America felt earlier this year. It was felt in Bangkok, Thailand, 2500 miles away, where tall buildings swayed for some long minutes. Officals haven't been able to make contact with the area near the epicenter and have no idea as to structural damage and injuries/deaths in that part of the country. Here are the latest stories.

You have to give credit to that Aussie swimmer attacked by a Great White Shark this weekend. I am not sure that I would have had the presence of mind to poke and gouge its eye as he did.

I think I am going to hold off on installing the new XP SP-3. I've seen acrobatics acts that looked more simple to do. Besides this latest, and allegedly last, seems to create more problems than it solves. Who wants to wake up, turn on their PC and be faced with "the blue screen of death"? Not a fun way to start your day.

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