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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As the song says: "Everything old is new again"

I wonder if this lady has a large estate that her family will inherit? "Bungie jumping next gran'ma."

Any of you English Bobbies looking for work? Thats about the only other place I can think of where this is encouraged.

See what happens when you are a natural born ass. The rest of us took years of training (and/or drinking) to reach this state.

Talk about a bad hair day.

Serendipity rocks! Looking at exactly the right time, in the right direction, with the right equipment has allowed astronomers, for the first time ever, to witness, and record, a star going "super-nova." Usually, they start observations after the event has begun.

The Christian Taliban just will not leave our schools alone. No matter how many times the courts rule against them.
Here is some more proof of the validity of the Darwin Theory. Get over it. Life evolves. If life were part of "intelligent design" there wouldn't be proof of transitional species. Besides, if everything was by design, then how come there are so many failed proto-types? Look at it this way:
HUMAN (ver 25.76.18a)

If this proves out, then the blossoming carbon nanotube industry may join asbestos as an health hazard.

I referenced the creation and future prospects of oLEDs (organic light emiting diodes) earlier. Well an art designer is offering for sale 25 lamps made of this material. How much will they cost? If you have to ask, you can't afford it. Prices won't drop until mass production allows for economy of scale. In the not too distant future I can foresee:
  • Amazing home Christmas light displays.
  • Cheap animated billboards.
  • Safety vests a motorist will actually be able to see.
  • Emergency lights on public safety/service vehicles that use the entire vehicle.
The possibilities seem endless. Can you think of any other potential uses?

Showing the lack of adequate laws regarding cyber-space in Japan, a student was recently convicted for copyright infringement for spreading the destructive "Harada virus". Spreading the virus wasn't illegal, just copying and distributing the video in which it was embedded.

Over The Limit?
Please don't drink and drive

"Let's all be careful out there!"