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Thursday, May 22, 2008


TO MY SWEETHEART, ALISSA (a/k/a/ "Wiskers")

She turns 24 today. I have no idea what her plans are, but at that age, it will most likely be a big party night.

I love you!

American Airlines is reacting to rising costs. Yesterday they announced a trimming of their flight schedules and staffing levels. And that they will now start charging $15 for the first piece of checked luggage. Obviously, the later means a huge difference in their bottom line. With runaway inflation in fuel cost and a falling demand by travelers, due to the economic downturn, they are struggling to stay in operation.

Crude oil closed above $135 a barrel yesterday. Thats a 19% jump in just the month of May and the month isn't over! All bets are off on predictions I made earlier about when crude prices will achieve certain benchmarks. What I thought were pessimistic at the time now would appear to be best case scenario instead. Go look at the current price of gas in your area and take a moment to reflect that in a very short time you will be looking fondly back at this moment and wishing gas was that cheap again.

In fact, lets have some audience participation. Please take a photo of the posted prices at a station in your area, anywhere on the globe and e-mail it to me. I'll compile them together and make a new post about the world price of gasoline. Just tell me what city and country the station is located in. Your name won't be used and I'll do the currency and volume conversions here. Please try to get the image to me before Sunday night, your time. Thanks.

As predicted, Dubya vetoed the Farm bill and before the ink had dried the House kicked him in the groin with an override. The Senate will do the same later today. This is the second time that one of his vetoes has been overridden. Bush is now the de facto figurehead leader of our nation that no one even bothers paying attention to. Like ignoring a bratty child while waiting in line somewhere. Yeah, we know he is there and we wish he would just go away and quit bothering us.

Clinton has her plan mapped out regarding the voided primary votes of Michigan and Florida. Next week party elders will meet in Washington, DC and they are facing the prospect that McCain could use the invalididation of these two states primaries as valuble campaign fodder. Republican campaign ads in those two States could tell voters that:
While you may not mean jack shit to the Democrats you are important to us. Vote Republican in the General Election.
I'll be back with more later, including an update on my future plans.

Thank you for coming by. Always appreciated.




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