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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Turns out that there are some little known facts about Dubya's "appeasement" speech before the Israeli Parlamient. Lugosi has the details over at his blog. Turns out that "fearless leader" was bad mouthing his own grandpa.

For the first time ever, dinosaur tracks have been discovered on the Arabian Peninsula.

Using the latest in IT, scientists have created a projection of what will happen when the "Big One" finally hits SoCal. Not as drastic as what we witnessed in China but still not a pretty picture. When earthquakes occur they generate different types of waves. The fastest is called the "p" wave. Depending on the distance from the epicenter a P-wave can arrive from seconds to minutes before the damaging part of a quake strikes. In California, there are P-wave sensors that automatically open the large doors on their fire stations. This was a problem in the 1989 Loma Prieta quake in San Francisco. Fire stations weren't damaged but were tweaked just enough that those huge roll-up doors wouldn't open. Forcing firefighters to waste valuable time cutting themselves out of the firehouses. I think Japan uses this also.

In home audio, it used to be that size mattered. Not so anymore. A new product, from Sony, features speakers the size of golf balls and equals or surpasses what you are now using. The Home Theater System HT-IS100 will be released next month in Japan for about ¥90,000 ($870). The American and European release dates/prices haven't been announced.

Are you headed out to see the new Indiana Jones movie today? The reviews from those paid to tell us what to watch have been mixed. Besides I trust the word of mouth of real people rather than talking heads. I do know this much, minitures and mattes have been forsaken for CGI in this epic. Here is some background (note: some effects "spoilers" but very few plot give-aways) that you might enjoy.

You've seen those ads on TV for LIFELOCK? A subscription service that allegedly protects your credit and prevents identity theft. Well, it turns out that it isn't as full proof as the owner claims. There are now other people running around the country with a driver's license or ID card claiming to be Todd Davis.

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