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Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Republican administrations have been infamous for pulling some stunt out of left-field in the later part of October that generates a knee-jerk reaction from the electorate and leaves the opposition little or no time to react before the November elections.

But "loose lips sink ships", as we all know. The White House yesterday issued a denial that "fearless leader" had the details laid out for an invasion of Iran before the end of his term, as reported in the Jerusalem Post.

When the doctors say it is in the brain, its inoperable, its malignant and they are going to use radiation and chemotherapy as the means of treatment, the odds of a positive conclusion become very, very long. While news bureaus around the world update their obituary file on Ted Kennedy, I send my best wishes to him and his family.

Fron the desk of the Oval Office, all the way through the top administration officials, we have learned this year that they all have accepted knowledge and responsibilty to the use of torture, cloaked in more politically sanitized phrases, at Gitmo. Now it turns out that, until ordered to close the file by their superiors, the FBI agents at Gitmo kept a file labeled "WAR CRIMES" documenting the use of torture by the military, the CIA and even intelligence agents from China (China!?). I wonder how long after the end of Dubya's reign it'll be before the criminal indictments start being issued?

A Major-General has apologized. The President has apologized. In America, where we pride ourselves on religious freedom and tolerance, it is not illegal to own a copy of the Koran. Shooting one, however, is a whole different story. The moral of the story? If you are being deployed to the middle-east, or have a loved one in that situation, make sure to take along a couple of copies of the Islamic holy book. Blowing the shit out of it at a target range is a surefire immediate trip back Stateside. Believe me, nobody here will ever give it a second thought. Hell, you might even get the "Key to the City" in a lot of communities. I'd shake your hand and give you a pat on the back.


Thank you very much for the time you've spent with me. I appreciate it. I'll be back later with more. Its "hump day". Down hill from here to the 3-day Mermorial Day weekend.




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