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Friday, May 16, 2008


This past Thursday the British medical journal Lancet published a letter that indicts obese people as a cause of global warming. Other health officials strongly rebuke the assertation. You can read about it while I go turn on my air conditioner.

Dubya's selective memory process still amazes me. His barely veiled political rhetoric in Israel's Knesset on Thursday about negotiating with terrorists, and terrorist supporting nations, fails to mention the Iran-Contra arms trade deal formulated by HRH Reagan. Which was proceeded by HRH Reagan's dealings with Iran, regarding the release of the embassy hostages, prior to being sworn in for his first term as President. Or Daddy's consultations, pre-"Desert Storm", with Saddam. Or even his own talks with Kim Jong-II of North Korea. If you are such a hard-ass, why are we still sending food to a country that we don't even recognize.

I wish he would just shut up and go play golf. He just keeps making a fool of himself.

Obama didn't waste anytime responding:

And Mr. President, why is Osama bin Laden still able to send out his vitriolic missives? You've had 7 years to get him, "Dead or Alive". Is it because you need to keep the bogeyman out there to further justify your failed policies?

Its not that the cops don't aggressively attempt to remove drunk drivers from the road. Its just that the courts continue to give the offenders a slap on the wrist and kick them loose. This guy had 6 DUI convictions in California before moving to Illinois, where he got 3 more. This time the punishment was just a wee bit more severe.

The world's largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, has agreed with the world's largest oil consumer, USA, to increase oil production. Not really by much, though. Just 300k bbls a day. Add that to the 75k bbls a day that the US Dept. of Energy will no longer be purchasing for the Strategic Oil Reserve. The cost of oil may stabilize for a short time. Thus delaying a global economic meltdown. The Saudis realize that having all the oil in the world doesn't help if no one can afford to buy it.


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