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Friday, May 16, 2008



Any truth to the rumor that Dubya presented smoked hams as a gift to the leaders of Israel and Palestine?

In order to capitalize on the windfall of the Economic Stimulus Checks, I've decided to open a PayPal account where you all can just endorse them over to me.

I see that the disaster in China has caused an upsurge in capitalism. I think they are calling it the Green Acres Society.
Just more proof that the world wants to be part of the "American Dream".

Would you believe that the Johnson & Johnson Companies actually sued the American Red Cross over the use of the symbol on the left? They lost.

In Los Angeles, to get a drink of water, it may be necessary to flush the toilet. Hey! If its good enough for our astronauts, its good enough for the rest of us. Now don't cringe. Most of you have been doing this for generations without notice. Does your community get its water from a river? Just look at what your neighbors upstream are dumping into it. All that LA is doing is eliminating the middle-man.

I guess this Compass Airlines flight attendant couldn't find a passenger to ride in the toilet, like that earlier story. So he took matters in his own hands.

By posting this image I am now subject to 4 years in prison in New York State. Gee, all I was doing was inviting Dubya to a party. Casual dress, of course. If Dubya wants to wear a tie, I'll provide it. He may be the only one dancing though. ;-)

Talk about a major "flip-flop"! Wasn't it McCain that said that we could be in Iraq for the next 100 years? His latest projection is a 95% improvement over his earlier statements. I wonder if he has hired Sylvia Browne as his prognosticator?

Poor Dubya. Not only is he the least respected President this country has ever had, but his fiscal policies may have actually cost him money. Cheney, our invisible VP, may have actually made money. Didn't he refuse to put his money in a "blind trust" when first elected? Now I understand why.
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