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Saturday, May 17, 2008



The ability to remember every day of your life. Every joy. Every pain. Every mundane detail. There have been three people, normal in all other aspects, identified with this ability(?) in the US. I would like to offer up a 4th entry. My ex-wife. Whenever we were having an animated disagreement, she could remember every single infraction, slight, misdemeanor and felony I had ever committed in our relationship. I have heard that a lot of wife's have this talent. ;-)

My reaction to this story is mixed. Creating a situation where a young person feels the only way out of a situation is to take their own life is wrong. However, I think the Feds are really stretching the letter of the law under the statutes they are using for prosecution. Other questions that bother me are why didn't the girl's parents notice a personality change in their daughter? Too wrapped up in their own lives? Why did the accused's employee let it go as far as it did? But, from what has been presented in the indictment, I think this woman deserves some sort of punishment. Whether by the criminal legal system is another question. I wouldn't have a problem with her being assigned to Gitmo as a test "dummie" for more advanced interactive interrogation techniques. You could easily classify her actions as terrorism.

I know I have my views on this subject and I am sure you have yours. Fundamentalists of any religion, including atheism, on the globe each believe they are absolutely right (no pun intended) and every one else is dead wrong. No matter what your view, this treatise is an interesting summation of the conflicts that exist.

CFCs, CO2 and now nitrogen. Think "Mother-nature" is sick and tired of us humans?

If you live along the eastern seaboard or the Canadian Maritime Provinces and have access to a telescope or a good set of binoculars that you can brace for a stable view, follow the instructions in this story to see Jupiter without any of its moons showing. This happens about 20 times a century and is visible for just a brief moment of time over a very limited area of the Earth.

This school's restroom policy wouldn't work for adult education classes. Especially if the student population was my age.

Conditions for those poor victims of the China earthquake have gone from bad to worse.

The Democratic side of Congress has a problem simmering on the back burner. It will be interesting to see how it is dealt with.

And the McCain camp has some internal issues to be dealt with also.

Nationally, about 18 GIs a day commit suicide, most as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). So why are so few vets being diagnosed with this condition? It couldn't be a money issue, could it?

Thank you so very much for coming over. I'll be back with more later. Enjoy your weekend.




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