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Sunday, May 25, 2008



The GOP National leadership is worried that McCain's portrayal of himself as being a political "maverick" is getting too real. I mean he (gasp) removed all lobbyists from his paid campaign staff. How can he be a candidate if the power brokers can't control him? The wheelers and dealers inside the beltway are quaking in their boots Guccis. The national leadership is also dismayed that McCain isn't taking as great of an advantage as possible in the on going Obama/Clinton feud. They also question the wisdom of dividing his campaign into 10 autonomous regions rather than maintaining ironfisted central control. And he is refusing endorsements from the powerful bible-belt leaders.

Gee. Maybe he is a maverick.

While officially being denied as a series of job interviews for the VP position on McCain's ticket, the attendees of a friendly BBQ at McCain's Sedona AZ ranch this weekend were certainly among the "A-list" of speculated running mates. Significant among the names of the not invited was that of Condoleezza Rice. our current Secretary of State.

Puerto Rico is basking in its brief new found importance. For the first time, in my memory, candidates for a national political office are actually campaigning there. With just a little over a week to go in the race for the Democratic nomination, both candidates can't afford to lose any potential delegates or total popular vote.

The recent report released by the Justice Department Inspector General has, in my opinion, enough documented details to warrant a criminal investigation to be initiated against current and former members of the Bush Administration. It details criminal activity from Dubya on down through many members of his Cabinet. Noted is the strong objections raised by former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, who didn't survive into "fearless leaders" second term.

Obviously there will be no action at this time but if a Democrat is elected in November there is the possibility of Bush being the first President to serve his retirement years behind bars. Hopefully at a detainee center in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba or any of the secret ones we have no certain knowledge of. That would satisfy a certain symmetry of justice. And teach future leaders that they are bound by the law, not above it.

35 years ago a film by an unknown director, featuring a cast of unknown actors made its debut with the sub-title "Where were you in '62?".

The film's setting was a bucolic town in the central valley of California and was the director's actual hometown. The plot dealt with teenage angst of graduating high school and entering the world of adulthood. It dealt with the California tradition of "cruising" the main street of the community on a weekend night. In search of love, adventure and dreams. You may have seen the movie.

The events portrayed in the film became an iconic event for the town as the years passed. Cruising on the weekend following graduation became an unsanctioned event that grew to massive proportions. Strapping the limited resources of the community to accommodate the massive volumes of traffic, crowds and growing criminal activity. Unable to ban the impromtu event, the city turned it into a premiere tourist attraction. Originally called "Graffiti Night", "Graffiti Summer" now kicks off on May 31st. The theme is nostalgia and the events include car shows, period music concerts, costume contests and, of course, the traditional "Cruise".

The film was:
American Graffiti.
The director was:
George Lucas
The town was:
Modesto, California
And the cast featured:
American Graffiti was nominated for 5 Academy Awards and, in 1995, was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the Library of Congress, and was added to the National Film Registry for preservation.

Modesto is my destination later this week.

I hope you are enjoying your 3-day weekend. Thanks much for taking the time to stop by here. I'll be back later with more.




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