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Sunday, May 25, 2008


I mentioned earlier that I spent a few years in the retail end of the "Adult" entertainment business. This is a picture of me with Racquel Darrian. Taken at the CES in Las Vegas in 1994. The guy in the rear was her husband at the time, Brad. She is out of the video business but still occasionally performs around the country at the more up-scale strip clubs. She lives in Las Vegas and will turn 40 on July 21st. When I knew her, she was a very sweet girl. Thats back when I used to smile.

I've got to stop wasting so much time as I redistribute my life into various piles, but I had to share.

For years, crystal skulls were touted as being found in ancient Mayan ruins and held mystical powers. Possibly created by aliens. Its, of course, all a bunch of bunk. Most were created in the latter part of the 20th century, when crystals and "New Age" religion became popular.

The Universe, our EVERYTHING, is still the subject of debate among astronomers. Infinite or finite? Large or small? What is it shaped like? This is one group's minority opinion.

Back in 1989 a group of scientists claimed to have created "cold-fusion". One of the principals of the scientific method is that an experiment has to be able to be replicated by others. Thus "cold-fusion" became the catch word for pathologically bad science. But that hasn't deterred some researchers from continued study. And they may have just found something.

Seismologists now seem pretty confident that large earthquakes in one part of the world may be the trigger for temblors in other areas of the globe.

California, like a lot of states, is facing a budget shortfall. One of the proposed patch jobs would be to levy a 25% tax on production costs and retail sales of porn. This would, of course, just be passed down the line to the consumer. The last I checked, porn is a $9-$10 billion a year industry. You can create your own "size matters" joke if you wish.

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