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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awe Kooda bilaxpak Kuuxshish

"one who helps people throughout the land"

Barack Obama was given the honorary name above, when he was adopted by the Crow Nation at their reservation in Montana yesterday. His new adoptive parents are Sunny & Mary Black Eagle. Obviously specifically chosen for their last name but I do like the sound of it.
Barack Black Eagle
It does have a certain "ring".

Is there something going on behind closed doors regarding the Democratic Primaries of Florida and Michigan? As we all know, those two states delegates will not be seated at the convention because of the premature nature of their elections. The two states Demcratic leadership openly violated DNC policy. But I keep getting the feeling that Clinton seriously believes that there will be a last minute "save" that will reverse the DNC decision. She won the votes in both states and they are her only real chance of having a shot at the nomination. The DNC rules committee will meet on May 31st and render their decision. With just 2 more weeks (Oregon & Kentucky today) to go until the primaries are (finally) completed, I think everyone will be glad the rhetoric is over until the convention in August.

I think what has Clinton pissed off the most is that Obama has focused his attention on campaigning against McCain rather than against her. It makes her look like a loser.

The White House has done an abrupt about-face regarding plans by the Senate to assist homeowners facing foreclosure. What other option did they have when the leaders of both parties were going to pass the legislation with enough votes to insure an over-ride on his earlier threatened veto.

Maybe Bush and Clinton should have a cry on each others shoulder. Bemoaning the fact that everybody is ignoring them.

The Defense Department announced that it will deploy 7 combat brigades (appx. 25,000 troops) to Iraq by the end of the year and 4 National Guard Brigades (appx. 14,000 troops) in January. That is, of course, all subject to change if the new Commander-in-Chief decides its time to leave.

Looks like McCain's housecleaning of his campaign staff of paid lobbyists is causing a stir "inside the beltway". And he keeps calling on Obama to do the same. What I would like to see is for every elected official, from Dogcatcher to President, to follow his lead.

For 50 years of my life I learned about our world and nation by reading the most respected newspapers and watching our three major televison networks. In the last 10 years the neo-cons have termed these sources as MSM (main-stream media) and criticize them for biased reporting. Today they tout Fox News and its (un)fair & (un)balanced coverage as speaking the "truth". Not the whole truth. Not the complete truth. And definitely not nothing but the truth. But their "right" version of the "truth". I am glad to see that MSM outlet NBC News has told Dubya off for his complaints about their coverage of his trip to the middle-east.

Though I will admit that I plan on watching Fox News' coverage of the general election. Just to watch their journalists' faces as their world of the Grand Old Party comes crashing down.

I hope the GOP rebuilds afterwards and erases the über-right wing faction that stole the party from the people.

One of the mainstays of the Republican Party has always been its belief that the Federal Gov't should be minimalistic. Yet time after time, during the current Administration, they have done exactly the opposite. Before there was an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) California had the strictest automobile emission control rules in the nation and the world. After the EPA was formed, States could enact regulations more strict than those required by the Feds but needed a waiver from the Agency. Which was never a problem. Last year California wanted to increase their tailpipe emission standards and submitted their request for the waiver. A documented meeting of the EPA administrators showed 100% approval. Then the Director had a meeting with the President and California's request was denied. There are currently Congressional hearings into this. It appears that, as he has always done, Dubya sided with big business to the detriment of people's health.

Its a docu-drama, true, but it looks interesting. HBO has a new release called Recount. About the Election 2000 events in Florida and the ensueing events. Told from both the "red" and "blue" side.

Boy, this month is almost gone. Thank you for your patronage of my blog. It is a kind gesture that I greatly appreciate. Have a great day. I'll be back later with more.

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