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Friday, September 22, 2006



Went to the deli at The Shops to get a sandwich at the beginning of my night. These people were having so much fun, and feeling no pain, that I took their pic. I didn't get any names and they are from California and/or Utah.

This is the threesome that I spoke about in yesterdays post.

Steve ~ Terra ~ Mike

The guys are from New Jersey and Terra is from Califonia. The wedding they attended went well. I picked the three of them up from her condo and took them to The Prince. Along the way I turned on my camera in video mode to record their conversation. The recording is 3-minutes of a 20-minute ride. It was dark and there is nothing to see. Just listen.

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After I turned the camera off, they started teasing each other about me selling their conversation for an HBO show. I told them that I had recorded some of it and would post it if they had no objection. Also got permission to get a pic. They tipped nicely but not as generously as the prior night. They weren't as drunk. They are really nice people.

G'nightgirl, do you talk this much when you are drunk tipsy?

This was a pretty typical cab ride for me.

Had a great shift. Two drivers were "no-shows" and a third went home sick. That left me and "The Mad Russian" to handle everything. We stayed steady until bar close. Alex said that we only lost one run due to the lack of cabs. Not bad. I had 18 runs and more than doubled Wednesday's meter.


Magical Rainbows
Mau'i Rainbow
Mau'i Northshore
Looking Towards
West Mau'i Mountains
The East Coast Of Mau'i
The Beauty Of O'ahu
Sandy Beach
On The "Big Island"
There Aren't That Many
Mau'i Sunrise
Mau'i Sunset
Pina Colada

"Let's all be careful out there!"


jo said...

Hi Wil

This girl has a really high pitched voice - 20 minutes of her and the two guys, would make me want to throw myself off the nearest cliff - you are very tolerant - but then I suppose you wouldn't be doing the job you are doing if you weren't.

It's amazing how much rubbish pours out of a person's mouth when they are drunk!!


jeepgirl said...

Oh my aching ass they were trashed!!! I don't know how you could drive for 20 minutes and not tape her mouth shut. You must have the patience of a saint!!!

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