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Saturday, September 23, 2006

3:00 AM


Good morning. Royal Cab.

I need to go to the harbor.

Where are you at?


Great! So am I.



Good morning. Royal Cab.

You hung up on me!

Yes I did.

I need to go to the harbor.

Wouldn't it be smarter to tell me where you want to be picked from?

I am in Kihei.



Good morning. Royal Cab.

Quit hanging up on me. I need to go to the harbor.

What is the address of the pickup, Miss.

(Yelling to someone) Whats the address here?



Good morning. Royal Cab.

You hung up on me again.

Yes I did.


Because you are a blithering idiot, ma'am.

Did you just call me an idiot?

No ma'am. I called you a blithering idiot. Anyone who calls for a cab and doesn't know where they are is a blithering idiot.

You're rude.

No, ma'am. I am just honest.

I have never been treated so rudely.

I have a problem believing that.

Are you going to pick me up?


Why not?

I don't think I could stand having you in my cab for the 30 minutes it would take us to get to the harbor.

I have money to pay you and I'll take care of you.

I am sure you do ma'am but I also have the right to refuse service to anyone and that is what I am doing.

You're an asshole.

Yes, ma'am, I am.



Mau'i Rainbow

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Cathy said...

Wil, your pictures are beautiful! I love your blog!

Joann said...

I did some "phones" for Yellow once. Taking orders is not easy.

Peggy said...

Is that an actual transcript of a call?

FroneAmy said...

LOL yet another post that got a giggle out of me this morning....everybody is on a ROLL this weekend!

When I worked in retail I always wished I could respond that way to the huge idiots....

my mom's ex-husband runs and he makes a habit out of responding to idiot customers in pretty much the same fashion. It was one thing he was actually good for...

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