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Monday, August 11, 2008



This is straight from Star-Trek. UC Berkeley researchers have had success in the development of technology that renders 3 dimensional objects invisible in ordinary light. A true "cloaking" device. Portions of the funding for this came from the US Army. Well, DUH!

And speaking of Star Trek. They have a new on-line game that should be going "live" in the very near future. Click image to beam to the home page.

Below is a trailer for the game.

The graphics are pretty impressive.

Sadly, the last video game I played was on an Atari 2600. The new controlers are a bit beyond my comprehension, which is why the grandkids get frustrated with me.

Think squirrels are dumb?:

If you can't parallel park, you don't deserve to drive:

Well, it was either an earthquake or the fat lady downstairs has a new boyfriend.

The genome of our cousin, the Neanderthal, has been mapped. Maybe this will help explain why we're here and they aren't.

Those of you in the States. Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics? Well, first off, what you saw occured about 12 hours earlier. Its just that NBC-TV didn't carry it live during the hours when the Today Show was running. No, they held the program until primetime to generate the maximum number of viewers (and ad $$s). Second, a cop always has a credo of believing none of what you hear and only half of what you see. That holds true with those very unique shots of the fireworks. Those camera angles that made you say "No frakking way" were actually CGI. Eat your heart out, George Lucas. Oh, that pic above is just a normal smog filled night in Beijing. Or not.

Terrorists enter into unlocked cars. Turn on the interior dome lights. Leave. The owners of the vehicles feel so violated the next day to find their auto batteries are dead. Police, in concert with Homeland Security and the FBI, are working on obtaining $8.7 million in funding to learn how to prevent those low down worthless scum from doing this again. Special community discussions are being held to garner input as to possible solutions and preventions. One 8 year old girl who suggested people should just lock their cars at night was arrested and shipped to Gitmo as a possible undocumented aide to terrorism.

You think those sprinters in Beijing have it rough? Try doing that 100m in highheels (3.5" or 9cm minimum) like these ladies in Moscow on Saturday. BTW - What happened in the 90s to change Russian women from fat ugly ol' ducks into beautiful long-legged cuties?

Coney Island, in NYC, now features a "waterboarding" attraction for the tourists.

Forget about law rnforcement, firefighting or fishing for crab in the Bering Sea of Alaska. The world's most dangerous job has to be the guy who guesses weight and age along the midways of county and state fairs nation wide.

Hell hath no fury like a woman whose griffin has been pilferred. That almost sounds obscene, doesn't it?

Well, its Monday. I hope this view of our world has lightened the load of your day a wee bit.
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"Let's all be careful out there!"