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Tuesday, August 05, 2008



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And if for some reason you've never heard of Sturgis.

Now if I am reading this correctly, our choice is between a stick-in-the-mud or a willow-wisp.
I guess it really doesn't matter much either way. Anything will be an improvement over the pothole we've endured the last, almost, 8 years.

Why is it that I envision a pay toilet paper dispenser in the airline industry's immediate future?
Or maybe the movie will be like an adult book store's video arcade. So much viewing time for each quarter inserted.

And if you didn't already believe that the basic infrastructure of America isn't unraveling faster than a Wal-Mart sweater. Even the various segments of the infrastructure are going nose-to-nose against each other.

$14 frakking million for pics of two kids with semi-famous, quasi-celebrity parents? Okay Lord, we await the trump and shout. Eagerly await. You there Lord? Hello!? What do you mean his copy of People hasn't arrived yet. So much for the all seeing, all knowing bull-shit.

No problem. Steal a pickup truck. Do a little cruisin'. Have the stolen vehicle car-jacked from you. Wait! What? How'd that one get on the agenda?

Have a great day everyone. Thanks for visiting.

"Let's all be careful out there!"